Fitzgerald Submits Legislation & Appointments to Council

PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald today submitted several items of legislation and two nominations for appointments to County Council for consideration.

Three pieces of legislation have been submitted to Council:

  • A Grants and Special Account Amendment to provide for a $3,400 grant from the NRA for equipment for the Firearms Division of the ME’s Crime Lab and a $500,000 grant for Community Care Behavioral Health initiatives.
  • Acceptance of a “Mock Production Facility” from Huntley and Huntley, Inc. to authorize the County, through the Department of Emergency Services, to accept the construction of a mock oil and gas production site.  The site will be located in North Park at the Fire Academy and will allow for the training of both public and private first responders.
  • Resolution delimiting the parameters of the Energy Saving Program (Noresco Phase II); the resolution is being co-sponsored by Council Member Macey.

Additionally, the Executive has nominated Paul Gitnik to the Allegheny Regional Asset District Board for and Joylette Portlock, Ph.D. to the Allegheny County Health Board.

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