Permit For County's First Marcellus Shale Compressor Station

Classified as Minor Source and Not Expected to Have Significant Impact on Air Quality

The Allegheny County Health Department has issued an air quality installation permit to Superior Appalachian Pipeline for construction of a compressor station at its Marcellus Shale natural gas production site on Kissick Lane in Frazer Township.

The compressor station, to be fueled solely by natural gas, is classified as a minor source and not expected to have a significant impact on air quality.   

However, in response to public comments on the proposed permit for the compressor station, the Health Department made these changes to the final permit:

Increased the frequency of engine emissions testing and expanded testing conditions; decreased allowable formaldehyde and visible emissions; clarified emission tables for formaldehyde and particulates; required additional monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting for control devices; and mandated continuous telemetric monitoring of the compressor station with weekly on-site inspections.

The company plans to start work on the compressor station in June and have it completed by the end of September, after which it must obtain an operating permit.   

The comment period for the installation permit began February 8 and ended with a public hearing on March 27.  A total of 183 individuals representing industry, business, government, various advocacy groups and themselves provided 56 different comments. 

The final permit and all comments along with responses are posted on the Air Quality Program section of the Health Department’s web site at World Wide Web Icon www.achd.net/air/.

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