Health Dept. Website Updates to Provide More Info to Residents on Air Quality

PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald announced that the Allegheny County Health Department has updated the Air Quality Program section of its website with new information that includes – for the first time – a regular quarterly report indicating the compliance status of significant air pollution sources.

The report lists 33 air pollution sources, 31 of which meet the definition of a major source and two minor sources that were included because of frequent public complaints about them.  The last report is as of March 29th, which shows that 23 sources are in compliance and ten others are non-compliant, but working toward compliance or facing enforcement action.

“Making this information available and accessible to the general public is a positive step forward to providing detail and educating the residents on air quality,” said Fitzgerald.  “While we have made great strides forward in our air quality, we still have further to go.  Providing this level of transparency will make the ongoing effort to improve our air quality front and center.”

The compliance status reports will be issued throughout the year on a quarterly basis, with future updates to be published at the end of June, September and December.  Other new content on the site includes details about the diesel retrofit program and information about hazardous air pollutants as well as the six “criteria pollutants” for which national air quality standards have been established.  The site continues to offer real-time air quality data, permit information and applications, historical air quality reports and emissions inventory data.

The compliance report can be viewed at World Wide Web Icon Air Quality Enforcement.  The Air Quality Program’s home page can be viewed at World Wide Web Icon Air Quality / Pollution Control Program.

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