PA Culture Change Model Guides Renovations

Big-hearted Grants Help Fund Kane McKeesport Renewal

Kane McKeesport is working diligently to put the “home” into nursing home.  Within the next few weeks, Kane McKeesport will celebrate the groundbreaking on its Home-Life project.  This project is designed to follow recommendations made by the Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition which strives to improve long-term care by recognizing residents as individuals, workers as skilled caregivers and aging as another stage of life.

As part of the Home-Life project, the Center plans to remodel the 2nd floor dining and recreation areas.  Curtains and light fixtures will be replaced, tables and cabinets will be resurfaced and the walls will get a fresh coat of paint.  New additions include a mounted fireplace, matching armchairs, wall art and live plants. Crown molding throughout the second floor will be part of the revamping.

Ken Schmigel, Manager of Recreational Therapy, has been serving on a committee that has planned the changes being made.  Employees from administration, nursing, social services and engineering all have functions on the committee, with Family Council having a very central role.

“We are doing the simple things we all do at home to make our center less like a hospital and more like a home,” said Schmigel.  “We want to make sure that the changes are resident and family driven, because Kane McKeesport is their home.”

Kane McKeesport has had many improvements over the last few years.  The Garden of Reflection and The Kozy Kafe have been added.  The front lobby and residents lounge have been refreshed and redesigned.  A large flat screen TV and entertainment system has been installed in the residents lounge. All of these changes have been done with resident and family input.

The residents, families, staff and employees of the Kane Regional Center in McKeesport thank the Crawford Foundation, the GC Murphy Foundation and the McKeesport Hospital Foundation for their generous contributions to the Kane Foundation.  Without their help and support, the renovations on the 2nd floor and the prior restorations throughout the facility would not be possible.  The Kane Regional Centers also applaud the residents, families and employees for the time and effort they have put forth in updating the facility.

For more information, contact Ken Schmigel, Kane McKeesport Recreation Therapy Supervisor, at 412.675.8757 or Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative, at 412.292.8069.

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