Fitzgerald Statement on Port Authority Operations

PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald released the following statement regarding the Port Authority operations and the problems with service this past weekend:

“The wait time and lack of service provided by the Port Authority this past weekend to residents and visitors alike is absolutely inexcusable.  This agency must be responsive to its customers, and the recent problems indicate to me that it is not the focus of the management.

“There is absolutely no valid explanation for why there was no planning or preparation for this past weekend’s influx of people into the city.  It’s not as if the Pirates’ schedule, the Stage AE concert or the Pittsburgh Marathon were a surprise to anyone.  A few call offs due to illness should have had little impact on service if planning had been done appropriately.  Beyond the service, the basics of providing information on when to expect the next train or signage directing people to the subway remains a missing part of this equation.

“This will be fixed – either within the existing structure, or with changes from the top to the bottom.”

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