Fitzgerald, Ravenstahl, Nutter Jointly Address Critical Issues in Commonwealth

PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter joined together today to discuss economic development, social service impacts and other issues critical to the Allegheny County/Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions.  The three leaders spoke about working cooperatively on issues that they have in common, finding and capitalizing on best practices in our communities, and building on this relationship to better our cities, counties and Commonwealth.

“We are seeing great growth and progress in Allegheny County and this entire region.  We are the only urban area to have regained all of its jobs from the great recession and then to see even more growth,” said Fitzgerald.  “That progress, though, is threatened with the uncertainty surrounding our transit system and impacted by proposed cuts in state and federal funding that allows the county to support workforce development and provide education and human services to our residents. Working together with our friends in Philadelphia, we can emphasize the needs in our communities at the state and federal level with one voice.”

Mayor Ravenstahl recognized that while many state-related funding concerns, including transportation, are governed and managed by the county, the impact is felt by city residents as well, particularly those in the urban core:  "Today, we are pledging to work together more closely than ever, in order to encourage more legislative action on the issues that matter most to citizens in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Philadelphia. Whether it’s encouraging responsible funding for public transportation, or fighting for the social and educational services our children need – we must, and we will, try our very best to meet the shared needs of our constituents.”

While not his first visit to the City of Pittsburgh, Mayor Michael Nutter highlighted the relationship building that visits such as this one facilitate, “Philadelphia also is interested in economic development and regional investments, and we are concerned with threats to our continued vitality like proposed cuts to our social service programs. We represent the two largest regions in this Commonwealth and can use our interest and concern in common issues to benefit both of our communities.”

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