Controller Wagner Comments On Corbett Transit ‘Plan’

PITTSBURGH - Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner today issued the following statement on Gov. Tom Corbett’s refusal to address the Port Authority of Allegheny County’s funding crisis, even as the Authority’s board voted today to impose additional service cuts:

“With the Port Authority on the verge of cutting service by an additional 35 percent, I’m disappointed to hear the Governor say he will address the funding crisis ‘sometime this calendar year.’ Public transit should be at the top of his agenda today -- not ‘sometime this calendar year,’ and certainly not in September when 40,000 riders will lose service altogether.

“Now is the time for all parties – the Governor, the Legislature, the County, the Port Authority, transit workers and riders – to work together and solve this problem once and for all. I will continue to work with my former colleagues in Harrisburg on transit funding, but the Governor is failing his neighbors in Allegheny County, who all rely on a robust transit system for the vitality of our local economy. This failure of leadership is inexcusable.”

“Allegheny County has weathered the economic storm better than much of the state and nation, but crippling cuts to transit would be a major blow to our region’s well-being. A majority of commuters to Downtown and a quarter of those to Oakland use the Port Authority, and those who don’t will find increased traffic congestion, travel times and gridlock on all routes. To be a vital urban region we must solve the Port Authority’s funding gap. It is imperative that this issue become one of high priority for all our region’s leaders, including the Governor.”

Gov. Corbett made his remarks in an interview with KDKA reporter Jon Delano on Thursday. Click on World Wide Web Icon http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2012/04/26/corbett-state-will-not-rescue-port-authority-from-budget-woes.

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