Aetna Employees Reaching Out to Kane Residents

Aetna Stages Carnival at Kane Glen Hazel

Aetna employees brought the carnival to Kane residents!

The Aetna volunteers were at it again at Kane Glen Hazel on Friday March 16th.  The volunteers coordinated a carnival at the Glen Hazel Conference Center complete with games and prizes for the residents.

The Aetna volunteers along with Kane volunteers and staffers set up the conference center with 8 stations of games.  Aetna volunteers were present at every booth to make sure that residents would have a chance to participate, win prizes and enjoy all the carnival had to offer.  The challenging games included the Pork Chop Speedway, Tin Pan Alley, Toss and Tumble and a few others. 

“It’s great to be back at Kane again to see our friends and the carnival just adds to the excitement,” said Joselyn Dayoub, Member Service Manager of Aetna Medicare Operations.  “Our employees enjoy coming to Kane, we are able to make a personal connection with the people we are directly assisting.”

“The Aetna volunteers lift (our residents) spirits,” said Gwen Baugh-Conlin, Volunteer Supervisor at Kane Glen Hazel.  “It is wonderful to observe the connections that have developed between our residents and the volunteers.”

It is difficult for some of our residents to get out and attend events like a carnival.  The Kane Regional Centers sincerely thank Aetna and their volunteers for bringing the carnival to the Kane residents!

For more information contact Gwen Baugh-Conlin, Volunteer Services Supervisor, at Kane Glen Hazel at 412.422.6983 or Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative, at 412.422.6773.

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