Kane McKeesport Observes Lenten Season

The Last Supper Play The Last Supper Play

Over 100 residents, family members and staff gathered on the 4th floor of Kane McKeesport for a dramatic rendering of the Last Supper.  The portrayal was put on by The Upper Room Group.

The Upper Room Group is a Christian Ministry dedicated to presenting the Person and Lordship of Jesus Christ through the theatrical depiction of the Last Supper.  They are a multi-denominational group that has been ministering throughout the western Pennsylvania area since 1978.  The group strives to be accurate and faithful to the scriptural accounts of the lives and events surrounding those involved in the original Last Supper.

Ken Schmigel, Recreational Therapy Supervisor at Kane McKeesport, was surprised at the large turnout: “This was an evening program and attendance is always most difficult then.  Although the crowd was large, they were both attentive and reverent.”

“I haven’t experienced such a moment of awe in a long time,” remarked Sister T.J. Gaines of Pastoral Care at Kane McKeesport.  “The timing of the Lenten season enhanced the mystic and the faith of those who attended.”

The Kane Regional Center in McKeesport thanks The Upper Room Group for an inspiring performance and the staff and volunteers who assisted our residents in attending.

For more information please contact Ken Schmigel, Recreational Therapy Supervisor, Kane McKeesport at 412-675-875 or Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative, at 412.422.6773.

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