Kane Residents Entertained and Educated

Story of Rosa Parks and Civil Rights Movement Re-Enacted

Actor and scriptwriter Gregory Gibson Kenney of Educate Us Productions appeared at the Kane Glen Hazel Regional Center on Tuesday March 6th to help wrap up Black History Month. Mr. Kenney presented Rosa Parks: “Please Keep Your Seat” to over 50 residents and staff members. “Please Keep Your Seat” is the story of Rosa Parks famous bus ride when Ms. Parks refused to give up her seat. The story is told through the eyes of Just’n Truth, a young man that was a fellow passenger on that eventful day.

Gwen Baugh-Conlin, Volunteer Services Supervisor at Kane Glen Hazel, said Kenney “ has a delivery style that commands the attention of the entire room.” “You could hear a pin drop when he recounted the exchange between Miss Parks and bus driver James Blake” she said.

Many of the residents recalled the days immediately following the incident. They asked pointed questions after the performance and also threw in their own recollections of that era. “We celebrated Black History Month in February and this was the perfect way to commemorate the lady that most people say started the modern civil rights movement” said Baugh-Conlin.

Gregory Gibson Kenney presents the lives and achievements of historical figures in a theatrical setting for school and community events. Some of the legends he portrays are Martin Luther King, Louis Armstrong, Bill Cosby and Roberto Clemente. For more information on Mr. Kenney and Educate Us Productions please visit World Wide Web Icon Educate Us or call 412.835.2282.

For more information contact Gwen Baugh-Conlin, Volunteer Services Supervisor at Kane Glen Hazel, at 412.422.6983 or Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative at the Kane Regional Centers at 412.422.6773

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