Mollie Brings Warmth and Joy to Kane Glen Hazel

Photo of Mollie, the therapy dogThe residents and staff at Kane Glen Hazel have a new, regular visitor who is proving to be delightfully entertaining. Mollie, a mixed breed who was rescued from the Humane Society, has been frequenting the Physical Therapy Department as of late. Mollie joins her canine pal, Artie, in spreading happiness throughout the halls of Glen Hazel.

Mollie and Artie are two of a growing number of “therapy dogs” that visit hospitals, assisted living centers and nursing homes, where they provide companionship and even sometimes help with physical therapy. It is well known that pets can elicit a positive emotional response in patients and there are now some indications that there may be a therapeutic impact.

“Mollie really seems to get our patients moving around a little better,” said her owner, John Butler, a physical therapist at Kane Glen Hazel. “She adds another positive to their day which is helpful when patients are going through physical rehabilitation.”

“Mollie and Artie both enjoy their work,” said Butler. “It is a long day and sometimes they go home exhausted.” Even though they are bushed after a full day both dogs would like to go everyday.

For Kane residents undergoing short term therapy to return home, and residents who call Kane home, Mollie and Artie make the atmosphere even more like home.

For more information please contact Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative, at 412.422.6773.

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