Black History Month Exhibit at Kane Glen Hazel

Contact:Rev. Robert W. Lay, Curator of Exhibit

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On behalf of the Kane Regional Center Glen Hazel, 955 Rivermont Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15207, and  Administrator, Bob Wernicki (412-422-6820), I would like to announce this very unique Black History Month long Exhibit.

The exhibit is displayed throughout the lobby, the locked display cases, the three access corridors to the elevator hallway, and completely down the elevator corridor from the Chapel to the employee cafeteria.

The exhibit has over one hundred historical posters, various articles, poetry, 2 large banners, and 18 framed pictures, along with African and Black History artifacts displayed in the locked cases.

We would like to invite your youth groups, churches or any other interested persons to come and experience our Black History Exhibit. The presentations are both enjoyable and educational about the rich heritage of the Afro American Experience in this country and even provides a glimpse into our substantial African past.

We have the following Poster Series’ on display:

  • African American Heroes Series
  • Stars of the Harlem Renaissance Series
  • Black Innovators Series
  • Kings & Queens of Africa Series
  • Black Soldier Series
  • Struggle for Civil Rights Series
  • The African American Experience Series

Please help us publicize this display in any way you can. This indeed will prove to be an exceptional historical experience for the Pittsburgh community.

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