Fitzgerald Statement on Wettick Order

Contact:Amie M. Downs, County
412-350-3711 office
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PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald released the following statement regarding the court order issued this afternoon on the reassessment of real property in Allegheny County:

“This order is just more evidence of the Court overreaching its bounds,” said Fitzgerald. “This is an unelected judge, who is not even standing for retention and chose, instead, to go into senior judge status, who is now acting as the executive and legislative bodies of this county.”

At the 2 p.m. hearing, the Court ordered that “…the County Manager shall fully, efficiently, and promptly implement existing and future court orders issued by this Court regarding the reassessment of real property within Allegheny County.”  Additionally, according to the order, the Chief Assessment Officer, the Director of the Department of Administrative Services and the Manager of the Office of Property Assessments are not to engage in or cause any actions that are inconsistent with the completion of the reassessment.  Noncompliance may result in contempt of court for those officials and they may not use as a defense that they were given instructions by any Allegheny County official.

“If the Court believes that removing the elected officials from this process and requiring county staff to report to him directly will result in my stopping this fight – the Court can think again.  I was elected, as was County Council, to make policy and legislative decisions for this county.  I took an oath to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth, not go around them as the Court is dictating that the staff to do, by pushing forward with this reassessment.

“I can assure tax payers that we are evaluating this order and will continue to explore each and every avenue that is available to fight this Allegheny County-only reassessment.”

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