M/W/DBE Program Objectives

The objectives of Allegheny County's M/W/DBE Program are:

  • To increase the level of services provided to M/W/DBE firms
  • To increase the number of certified firms in markets where Allegheny County has business opportunities
  • To increase the availability of meaningful business opportunities afforded to M/W/DBE firms in Allegheny County.
  • To demonstrate commitment to the M/W/DBE Program
  • To ensure effective communication dissemination
  • To establish meaningful partnerships to assist in advancing overall program goals and objectives
  • To create an awareness regarding the availability of viable M/W/DBE businesses
  • To employ a cutting edge approach to M/W/DBE Program implementation and management that is utilized throughout the region
  • To give special recognition and awards to individuals, offices and Prime Contractors who make exceptional contributions to the success of the M/W/DBE Program.