Community Profile

Ben Avon Heights Borough

County Council District:1
Senatorial District:37
Legislative District:45
Congressional District:  14
Council Representative:  Thomas Baker
Council of Government:
Community Contact:
     Denise Raves, Secretary/Treasurer
     6 Lynton Lane
     Pittsburgh, PA 15202
     Phone:  412-766-1561
     Fax:  412-766-8668
School District:  Avonworth
Police Chief:  Norbert Micklos, Ohio Twp.
Police Department Info
Fire Chief:  William Carney, Avalon Borough
Fire Department Info
Ambulance:  Northwest EMS
Sanitary Auth.:  Alcosan

Sq. Miles:0.18
Location:8 miles N.N.W. of Pittsburgh.
Geography:  Relatively flat and wooded area; no floodplains.

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For more information, check the Municipality Millage rate or the School District Millage rate.


Ben Avon Heights Borough Real Estate Information

    Taxable Value    Exempt Value    PURTA Value    All Real Estate
Certified Value 1/11/2015$38,685,400$336,800$0$39,022,200
Value as of 2/20/2015$38,685,400$336,800$0$39,022,200

Taxable Residential Median Value as of 2/20/2015:$229,250

Millage Rates in Ben Avon Heights Borough

School District:17.700018.6700N/A*

Taxes for Property Assessed at $100,000 in Ben Avon Heights Borough

School District:1,770.001,867.00N/A

Taxes for Median Property Value ($229,250) in Ben Avon Heights Borough

School District:4,057.734,280.10N/A

The millage values are updated as soon as they are set by the Municipalities and School Districts.

School Millages are on a fiscal year and are set at the end of June.