Community Profile

City of Pittsburgh
County Council District: 10
Council Representative: William Russell Robinson
Ward 3   Lower Hill District
Ward 4   Oakland - Soho
Ward 5   Upper Hill District
Ward 8   Bloomfield
Ward 11   E. End Mall & Highland Pk.
Ward 12   East Liberty
Ward 13   Homewood

County Council District: 11
Council Representative: Barbara Daly Danko
Ward 7   Shadyside
Ward 14   Pt. Breeze, Sq. Hill & Frick Pk.
Ward 15   Hazelwood & Greenfield
Ward 16   Parts of South Side
Ward 31   Hays & Lincoln Place

County Council District: 12
Council Representative: James Ellenbogen
Ward 19   Brookline, Mt. Washington & Beechview
Ward 20   West End & Corliss
Ward 28   Chartiers, Westwood, Esplen & Crafton Hts.
Ward 29   Carrick
Ward 30   Knoxville
Ward 32   Overbrook

County Council District: 13
Council Representative: Amanda Green Hawkins
Ward 1   Lower Hill District
Ward 2   Strip District
Ward 6   Polish Hill
Ward 9   Lawrenceville
Ward 10   Morningside & Garfield.
Ward 17   Parts of South Side
Ward 18   Allentown & Beltzhoover
Ward 21   Manchester
Ward 22   North Side
Ward 23   Latimer Jr. High - Heinz Co. Area
Ward 24   Troy Hill & Spring Garden
Ward 25   Fineview
Ward 26   Perrysville & Riverview
Ward 27   Woods Run & Brighton Road

Senatorial District:38, 42, 43
Legislative District:19, 20, 21,
23, 24, 27,
34, 36, 42
Congressional District:  14

School District:  
Police Chief:  Regina McDonald,
Acting Chief of Police
Police Department Info
Fire Chief:  Michael Huss
Fire Department Info
Ambulance:  Pittsburgh EMS
Sanitary Auth.:  Alcosan

Sq. Miles:55.5
Location:Center of Allegheny County.
Geography:  Populous urban center; some wooded areas; steep slopes; rolling hills; floodplains on Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers.

City of Pittsburgh Real Estate Information

    Taxable Value    Exempt Value    PURTA Value    All Real Estate
Certified Value 1/11/2015$18,686,288,829$12,503,500,957$24,387,250$31,214,177,036
Value as of 1/23/2015$18,676,914,989$12,499,181,082$24,387,250$31,200,483,321

Taxable Residential Median Value as of 1/23/2015:$65,000

Millage Rates in City of Pittsburgh

School District:13.92009.65009.8400

Taxes for Property Assessed at $100,000 in City of Pittsburgh

School District:1,392.00965.00984.00

Taxes for Median Property Value ($65,000) in City of Pittsburgh

School District:904.80627.25639.60

The millage values are updated as soon as they are set by the Municipalities and School Districts.

School Millages are on a fiscal year and are set at the end of June.