Laboratory Manager


Office of the Medical Examiner

Job Summary

Responsible for supervising and managing the daily operations and staff of the Forensic Laboratory.  Perform inspection for both internal and external audits against ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Education and Experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master of Science degree in medical technology, clinical laboratory science or chemical, physical or biological science and a minimum of seven (7) years training/experience in high complexity testing
    Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology, clinical laboratory science or chemical, physical or biological science and a minimum of eight (8) years training/experience in high complexity testing.
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience with applicable supervisory, technical leader and/or managerial skills.

Essential Requirements:

  • Evidence of continual professional Development
  • Experience in evaluating new technologies.
  • Experience in commissioning new equipment and services.
  • Demonstrated ability to serve in leadership and management role in conducting meetings, making presentations, performing needs assessments, offering recommendations and communicating effectively (written and oral).
  • Project planning experience.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Minimum of three (3) years of progressively advancing crime laboratory experience with proficiency in an accredited laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Experience in developing and implementing technical crime /forensic laboratory procedures, quality control practices and quality assurance systems based on ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Special Requirements:

  • Must possess a valid Driver’s License
  • Must be willing to respond to 24/7 to major work related call outs
  • Because of the confidential, sensitive nature of information handled, successful completion of a background investigation is required.

Major Duties:

Managing the Services :

  • Responsible for ensuring that areas under direct management comply with department and county wide policies and procedures
  • Reprimand employees and employ progressive discipline as necessary

Managing People:

  • Responsible for ensuring comprehensive integrated workforce planning and appropriate staffing and skill mix levels to deliver and meet the goals and objectives of the office.
  • Be appraised annually by the Laboratory Director, and cascade appraise to other staff to ensure 100% appraisal is achieved within the department each year.
  • Ensures staff attends mandatory training and updates to achieve 100% compliance annually.
  • Ensures full compliance with HR policies on sickness and absence monitoring.
  • Responsible for ensuring consistent standards in recruitment and selection issues of discipline or performance management, grievance, equal opportunities and health and safety at work in compliance with the hospital policies.
  • Works with the Laboratory Director and Scientists to deliver two-way communication to all staff, so they are aware of changes happening in the entire organization and within the Forensic Laboratory. This must be delivered in a timely manner in order to have the opportunity to have informed discussion.
  • Conducts monthly staff meetings to ensure proper communication and dissemination of information.
  • Works with the Laboratory Director to prepare and deliver a strategy for the introduction of change, whenever that may occur, communicating information in a sensitive and professional manner. Responsible for delivering that change to the agreed timescale.
  • To encourages and facilitates a staff development program so that staff develops their personal and professional skills for progression through the career framework.

Managing Resources:

  • Holds the day-to-day delegated responsibility for management of the department budget and resources.
  • Reviews test repertoire to ensure value for money and sources cost effective providers for high cost/low volume investigations, while still meeting customer needs.
  • Sets out, and is responsible for delivering a strategy on any cost savings requested, and to monitor and report outcomes to the Laboratory Director.
  • Works with the Laboratory Director and Fiscal manager to develop and implement procurement strategies that fulfill testing service needs, deliver standardization and increased quality/value for money.
  • Responsible for managing major supplier contracts relevant to the specialties.
  • Explores opportunities allowing income generation.

Information Management:

  • Work with the Laboratory Information Systems Administrator to satisfy the day-to-day information needs of the site and specialties.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all staff members within the specialties are fully informed on information management issues, and their training needs addressed.
  • Uses the department LIM systems as appropriate to gather, analyze and present statistics and data for management, testing or financial purposes.  Uses that data to populate documents and databases to present information to Laboratory Director, evaluate methods, monitor workloads etc.
  • Performs analytical and management audits as necessary to support the laboratory audit program in accordance with quality and ISO/IEC 17025 standards


  • Responsible for, oversees and participate in the validation of results as appropriate.
  • Provides specialist technical knowledge within the managed area, and is an expert reference point for subordinate staff as well as other users of the service.
  • Develops and retains sufficient knowledge in the field of forensic science and qualified disciplines to operate at the highest level.
  • Responsible for the development of common working practices within the disciplines and standardization of methods and SOPs where appropriate.
  • Occasional work out of hours may be required in times of low staff numbers or sickness to ensure service continuity.
  • Responsible, in conjunction with the section Technical Leader and Quality Control representative, for investigating and taking action to resolve the problems with analytical methods and equipment and report these to the Quality Manager.
  • Works within the Professional Responsibility for Crime Laboratories and Forensic Scientists  


  • Communicates with colleagues within the department on a range of extremely complex subjects.  These will often be emotive and difficult issues of a highly sensitive nature such as performance management, organizational change etc.
  • Co-operates and consults with law enforcement and forensic community to ensure open lines of communication resolve problems and help determine strategies for the development of the service.  Organizes and participates in meetings to this end as appropriate.
  • Presents and receives highly complex technical, scientific and case information to/from all grades of staff within the department.  Liaises with forensic and law enforcement community to present this information as required on a daily basis, and involves verbal, written and PowerPoint presentations, etc. to small and large groups.
  • Possesses and further develops the necessary IT skills to present highly complex scientific information in a format that can be understood by non-scientist colleagues.  This will be on a daily basis, and will involve verbal, written and PowerPoint presentations, etc. to small and large groups.
  • Plans and organizes a range of highly complex activities and projects in the department, which may require prolonged periods of time to complete and may require regular reviews of progress and re-adjustment of plans.   


Must become a resident of Allegheny County within one (1) year of appointment

Veteran’s Preference

Will be awarded to eligible candidates