Laboratory Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for the daily operations of sections of the Laboratory by providing technical and scientific oversight for each of the specialties and subspecialties of service in which a section performs highly complex examination/analysis.  The Laboratory Manager establishes the quality standards of the section through selecting and monitoring the Laboratory’s methods/instruments and evaluating and documenting the competency of the personnel.

Training and Experience

  • Master of Science degree in medical technology, clinical laboratory science or chemical, physical or biological science and a minimum of two (2) years training/experience in high complexity testing /or
  • Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology, clinical laboratory science or chemical, physical or biological science and a minimum of four (4) years training/experience in high complexity testing.
  • Appropriate management skills for the position.


Security clearance.

Major Duties

  • Establish section specific job descriptions.
  • Selects the test methodology that is appropriate for the clinical use of the test results.
  • Verifies the test procedures performed and establishes the Laboratory’s test performance characteristics, including the precision and accuracy of each test and test system.
  • Establishes a quality control program appropriate for the testing performed and establishes parameters for acceptable levels of analytical performance and ensures that these levels are maintained throughout the entire testing process from the initial receipt of the specimens, through sample analysis and reporting test results.
  • Resolves technical problems and ensures that corrective actions are taken whenever deviations in Laboratory policy and procedures occur.
  • Ensures that test results are not reported until all corrective action or approval of deviation from documented requirements has been taken.
  • Identifies the training needs and assures that each individual performing tests receives regular in-service training and education appropriate for the type and complexity of the Laboratory services performed.
  • Evaluates the competency of all testing personnel and assures that the staff maintains their competency to perform test procedures and report test results promptly, accurately and proficiently.  The procedures for evaluation of the competency of staff must include, but are not limited to:
    • Direct observations of routine test performance, including preparation, if applicable, specimen handling, processing and testing.
    • Monitoring the recording and reporting of test results.
    • Review of intermediate test results of worksheets, quality control records, proficiency testing results and preventative maintenance records.
    • Direct observation of performance through testing previously analyzed specimens, internal blind testing samples, or external proficiency testing samples.
    • Assessment of problem solving skills.
  • Evaluates and documents the performance of individuals responsible for high complexity testing at least semi-annually during the first year the individual tests specimens.  Thereafter, evaluations must be performed at least annually unless test methodology or instrumentation changes, in which case, prior to reporting test results, the individual’s performance must be re-evaluated to include the use of new test methodology or instrumentation.

The above statements reflect a general description of this position and are not intended to be an all inclusive list of tasks or responsibilities which an employee may be assigned.