Histology Technician

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Chief Histologist, the Histologist will prepare tissue for pathological examination.

Explanatory Comments

This position is responsible for working with Forensic Pathologists and autopsy room personnel to prepare microscopic slides and the handling of chemical reagents and biological stains.

Training and Experience

A minimum of two (2) years college with an associates degree in Histochemistry from an accredited institution or its equivalent is required for this position. A thorough knowledge of Anatomy, Microanatomy, Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Microtomy and Staining techniques is also required. The applicant must be able to follow specific instructions, relate well with co-workers and be competent in performing laboratory procedures.

Major Duties

  • Accessioning tissue capsules, blocks and slides.
  • Grossing tissue specimens.
  • Processing and embedding tissue specimens.
  • Cutting tissue sections.
  • Routine and specialized staining of tissue slides.
  • Maintaining laboratory instruments (i.e. Microtome).
  • Maintain detailed records of autopsy cases.
  • Coverslipping slides.
  • Handle pathologist's requests in a timely fashion.

The above statements reflect a general description of this position and are not intended to be an all inclusive list of tasks which an employee may be assigned.

In house testing of the candidates abilities may be required prior to any employment offer.