Forensic Pathology Fellow

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Chief Forensic Pathologist, the Forensic Pathology Fellow is the physician in training to determine cause and manner of death in cases that fall under the Medical Examiner’s jurisdiction, performing post mortem examinations and testifying in court proceedings in conjunction with a Forensic Pathologist.

Explanatory Comments

This position is responsible for performing all aspects of autopsy, evaluation of microscopic materials, examination of evidence, photographs and medical records, preparation of written autopsy protocols and preparation for courtroom testimony. Occasional scene visits and investigation may be required. Additionally, this position would be responsible for the development and presentation of lectures and papers. This position may require being on call twenty-four hours (24) per day, seven (7) days per week.

Training and Experience

The completion of a recognized residency in the field of Anatomic Pathology, and current licensure or eligibility for licensure as a medical trainee or to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Computer literacy with a thorough understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Powerpoint and Word is also required.

Major Duties

  • Conducting forensic post mortem examinations.
  • Examination and interpretation of microscopic slides, medical records/reports, investigative reports and evidence.
  • Preparation of autopsy reports and forms.
  • Development and presentation of educational lectures.
  • Participation in community groups.
  • Preparation and testifying in courtroom proceedings.
  • Scene visits.
  • On call time.
  • Telephone/personal contact with families of decedents, police officers, prosecuting and defense attorneys.

The above statements reflect a general description of this position and are not intended to be an all inclusive list of tasks which an employee may be assigned.

In house testing of the candidates abilities may be required prior to any employment offer.