Autopsy Technician

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Manager of Autopsy, the Autopsy Technician 1 is the entry level position that will assist the Forensic Pathologist in performing post mortem examinations.

Explanatory Comments

This position is responsible for the performance of post mortem examinations, the collection and transfer of specimens/evidence, stocking and supplying the autopsy room, maintaining autopsy room records and logs and cleaning the autopsy areas.

Training and Experience

A minimum of two (2) years college or its equivalent along with a thorough understanding of medical terminology and autopsy procedures is required for this position. Additionally, a basic knowledge of computers, the ability to type a minimum of thirty-five (35) words per minute, the ability to lift and carry one hundred (100) pounds, a valid Pennsylvania driver's license and the ability to work under stressful conditions.

Major Duties

  • Preparation for post mortem examinations.
  • Evisceration of the body.
  • Collection, maintenance and transfer of specimens and evidence.
  • Processing of all autopsy room logs and paperwork.
  • Preparation of remains for the release to funeral home.
  • Stocking and supplying the autopsy room.
  • Preparation of tissue samples for histology.
  • Assisting physicians, dentists, entomologists and anthropologists.
  • Cleaning of autopsy room and surrounding areas.
  • Releasing remains to funeral directors.
  • Performance and development of X-Rays.

The above statements reflect a general description of this position and are not intended to be an all inclusive list of tasks which an employee may be assigned.

In house testing of the candidates abilities may be required prior to any employment offer.