Current Reports

 Goals and Highlights Report  

The County Manager’s Office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Allegheny County’s eighteen departments with an $800 million operating budget and a total of all budgets of over $ 1.5 billion with more than 6,000 employees.   We are proud to say the work of those departments touches every citizen in our county and beyond on a daily basis.  It could be when you drive over a bridge or road, enjoy one of the nine regional parks, request  help from public safety,  place a loved one in the care of the Kane Regional Centers, record a deed, receive a marriage license or receive services through the long arms of our human services department.  We know that not only what we do but how we do it affects all of the citizens of this great county. 

This Goals and Highlights Report identifies the major accomplishments that were completed over the past year.  We strive to continuously assess and develop strategies that are data-driven and customer focused and we will work toward improving our services each and every year. 

 Shuman Juvenile Detention Center Investigation  

In response to a petition signed by approximately 70 employees of the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center who claim they face a hostile work environment, the Allegheny County Executive directed the Office of the County Manager to investigate their assertions and concerns.  The manager’s office conducted this review to gain an understanding of the work environment, processes, and to examine other operational functions of Shuman to address the employees’ aforementioned concerns. This report documents the review results and provides corrective action steps that are to be implemented by Shuman’s Director.

 Sunset Review Reports  

In accordance with Articles VI and VII of the Home Rule Charter and Article XII of the Administrative Code, the Sunset Review report contains an overview of County government, an analysis of each department and agencies subject to review and respective recommendations.

Prior Administration Reports

 Allegheny 365 Report  

The Allegheny 365 committee was charged by County Executive Dan Onorato on October 20, 2010 to develop an action plan to ensure that all individuals, including those living with disabilities could engage fully in the broad spectrum of county services 365 days of the year.   The committee, composed of representatives of academia, business, advocacy groups, and foundations, engaged in a series of meetings and reviews of legal mandates, current operations including employment practices, technologies, organizational design, facility compliance, emergency operations, business practices and best practices offered by other academic and social entities.

 Gender and Race Equity Audit 

In order to assess the relative position of women and minorities within Allegheny County government, County Council and the County Executive approved Ordinance 29-09-OR (“Ordinance”). The Ordinance required a gender and race equity audit to be conducted. The stated purpose of the audit is to provide “a detailed analysis of payroll data by the gender and race of employees and of human resources policies and practices to identify where gender and race pay differences and gender and race pay issues exist.”  The audit was conducted over several months, from May to December 2010. Various information was analyzed, including payroll data, human resources policies, procedures and practices, employee surveys and focus groups, and grievance and complaint records.