Wall of Exemplary Employee Awardees


  Exemplary Employee Daniel Eichinger - Dec 2014

December, 2014

Daniel Eichinger, Esq.
Allegheny County Office of Public Defender
 Award Proclamation  
 Exemplary Employee - Sept 2014 - DCS-HR Group 

September, 2014

Group Award
Allegheny County Human Services &
Division of Computer Services
 Award Proclamation  
Richard Ricky McAuly 

June, 2014

Richard "Ricky" McAuly
Allegheny County Law Department
 Award Proclamation  
Rosalind Ross, April 2014 

April, 2014

Rosalind Ross
Department of Facilities Management
 Award Proclamation  
Marianne DiVecchio, December 2013 

December, 2013

Marianne DiVecchio
Allegheny County Sheriff's Office
 Award Proclamation  

October, 2013

Dan Robinson
Department of Human Services
 Award Proclamation  

July, 2013

Gina Englert
Administrative Services, Elections Division
 Award Proclamation  


April, 2013

Patricia "Patsy" Thompson
Kane Regional Center - Scott
 Award Proclamation