Exemplary Employee Award

February 2015
Exemplary Employee Award Winner

Warren Finkel, Director
Department of Budget & Finance

Warren Finkel, January 2015 
  Award Proclamation 


On February 4, 2015, Warren S. Finkel, Director of the Department of Budget & Finance, received Allegheny County’s Exemplary Employee Award.

Nominated by the staff of the Department, Director Finkel was nominated for his constancy to the finances of Allegheny County over the last 45 years that has kept the County progressing and thriving over those years. The level of respect that Director Finkel has earned from his Department is evident in the nomination by the full Department.  Warren began working for Allegheny County as a temp in 1968 and became a full-time employee of Allegheny County in 1971 when he began work as an auditor in the Bureau of Accounts and Statistics. His entire career has been in the Department of Budget & Finance, and his promotions and work history within the Department, show his continued dedication to the County’s financial needs. During his tenure, he served nine county administrations and eight budget directors, before becoming budget director himself in March 2012.

Director Finkel was surprised during a meeting of his Department by the County Executive, County Manager and his staff.  He was presented with a joint County proclamation from the Executive and Council Member Dr. Charles Martoni, and received a 2015 Season Golf Pass.

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