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Allegheny County Law Library 

Duquesne University, in partnership with Allegheny County, provides a free public library open to all legal professionals and the general public.  For more information on the services and resources available, as well as details on hours and location, visit the Allegheny County Law Library website.


Exempt Status Review 

Allegheny County is conducting a review of all tax-exempt property in the County pursuant to Ordinance 49-07, passed in 2007.  Parcels designated tax-exempt as Institutions of Purely Public Charity must provide the Office of Property Assessments (OPA) with an explanation as to how it meets each of the five criteria put forth by the Supreme Court as the “HUP Test.”  The Law Department will assist OPA with its review of the submitted materials.  For more information, visit the Exempt Status Review web page.