Law Department
   Andrew F. Szefi, Esq., County Solicitor 


Mission Statement

The Allegheny County Law Department is headed by the County Solicitor.  Pursuant to the County’s Home Rule Charter, the County Solicitor is appointed by the Chief Executive with the consent of Allegheny County Council.  The County Solicitor supervises approximately forty assistant solicitors as well as related administrative support staff who assist the County Solicitor in the discharge of the duties of the office. 

The Law Department provides comprehensive legal services to the County Executive and all offices, departments, boards, commissions and other administrative agencies under the County Executive.  Some of the legal services provided by the County Law Department include: (1) representing the County in all legal proceedings in federal and state courts and administrative agencies; (2) rendering legal advice and opinions on a multitude of diverse legal questions presented by the operation of County government; (3) preparing, reviewing and approving County contracts, leases, deeds, ordinances and resolutions, and other legal documents;  (4) negotiating collective bargaining agreements and handling grievances and interest arbitrations involving the County’s unionized employees; and (5) providing oversight of the Allegheny County Law Library.