Ties on Tour Silent Auction

“Ties on Tour,” a celebrity tie auction to benefit the Kane Regional Centers, includes 31 autographed ties in a silent auction through midnight of July 14, 2007.

All proceeds will benefit the Kane Foundation, which raises private funds to help enhance the quality of life of the residents of Allegheny County’s four Kane Regional Centers and their families. The Foundation helps to fund adult education classes,
cultural and sporting events, and pet therapy, among other activities.

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Ted Kennedy

Ted Stevens

Jay Rockefeller

Bob Casey

Mark Pryor

Tim Russert

George Will

Jimmy Kimmel

Jay Leno

Rod Stewart 1

Max Starks

Bob Knight

Mike Tomlin

Dave Wannstedt

Ray Shero

George Steinbrenner

Dan Rooney

Bill Cowher

Dan Onorato

Freddy Fu

Kevin McClatchy

Robert Nutting

Andrew Stockey

Jim Roddey

Jack Wagner

Luke Ravenstahl

Jimmy Krenn

Mike Doyle

Baker Knoll

Joe Biden






Jason Altmire