The Jail Facility

The jail is a podular design, with direct supervision, and built to allow expansion up to 2400. It opened with capacity of 1,850 and currently houses over 2,000 men and women.

There are 35 living units or Pods on eight two-level floors. The standard pod has 56 cells on two levels, surrounding a central Day Area where meals are served and leisure time is spent. Medical services are provided within the institution, including hospital and clinic services.Allegheny County Jail

Decor of the Jail is simple, sturdy and secure. The new Jail is clean, well lit, and has a modern climate and air quality control system. There are safety and emergency communications systems to increase safety of employees and inmates. Industrial type carpeting covers a section of the day area floor in the low security pods to cut down on noise level. Flooring in the remaining inmate areas including cells is tile. TV's are available where security concerns do not prevent it. These are purchased with proceeds of the inmate Commissary fund. TV is used during for recreation time, for broadcasts of programs of a rehabilitative nature, and for correctional officer training. The remote controls are in the hands of the Pod Officers, not the inmates.

The cells have narrow bunks with thin non-flammable mattresses, sink and toilet and a metal cage for inmate's belongings. Each cell has a narrow slit window to let in natural light.

Most cells accommodate two prisoners but "double-celling" is determined based upon classification. All prisoners are "classified" according to their security and program support needs and are assigned to pods based on classification within 48 hours of admission. Classification is reviewed periodically. As population growth has become a problem, the Jail is preparing for increased double celling.

These areas were designed according to the minimum correctional standards required for "unconvicted" prisoners since a majority of the Jail's prisoners are unconvicted.