Walkathon/Race Program

Blue Tennis Shoe
Lace up those shoes and get moving! 

Combine healthy exercise while giving back to a community or cause.  It's a perfect way to keep in shape and contribute to others.  That's why Allegheny County is sponsoring the race/walkathon activity.  Participate in any organized race or walk (see schedule below) and receive credit for one health and wellness program.

To receive credit for this program, log onto the World Wide Web Icon Highmark member website and click on "Rewards Program WebMD” located on the right side of the page under “Programs”.  Under “Activities” locate “Participate in an Organized Race or Walk” click on “I did this” and enter the date.   

If you have any questions, please contact Email to: , Human Resources, or your department's Wellness Representative.


PDF Icon Walkathon and Race Schedule
(This is not meant to be a complete listing
of every race/walk in Allegheny County.)