The 10,000 Step Challenge
"Take 10,000 steps a day - one at a time!"
12-Week Program Begins April 23, 2014

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Walk away from inactive behavior and join your co-workers in the 10,000 Step Challenge, a walking program to help you stretch your daily physical lifestyle farther, one step at a time.

With the use of a pedometer to track your progress and a personal commitment to increase your activity during the program, you are only steps away from having a healthier way of life.

Americans don't exercise enough
Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions are on the rise. Now it's more important than ever to be more physically active.

Studies show that over 60 percent of adults in the United States do not enjoy the health benefits of regular exercise.  Physical activity, however, is not always about spending countless hours at the gym. It is about stretching your daily activity a few additional steps at a time.

The 10,000 Step Challenge helps you do this by providing opportunities to get moving anytime, anywhere.  Walking requires no equipment or special clothing other than good walking shoes, and it can be done in neighborhoods, parks, malls, walking trails, or in any safe and comfortable setting. Whether you take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to a co-worker's desk instead of sending an e-mail, park your car farther from the office, or get off the bus a stop earlier, it is easy to increase your current activity level.

10,000 steps a day takes you far
Research shows that inactive to moderately active people take an average of 2,000 to 7,000 steps a day, while physically active individuals walk about 10,000 steps a day.  10,000 steps a day equals five miles!

The 10,000 Step Challenge program begins April 23, 2014.  This is a self-directed program - you should track your steps for any 12 week period.  The National Walk @ Lunch Day is Wednesday, April 30.

Register from Monday, March 17 to Friday, April 18 

Registration & Consent Waiver Forms
Registration is closed.

Registration Instructions
Both forms must be completed and turned in to Human Resources for you to be officially registered in the 10,000 Step Challenge.  

You can return your completed registration and waiver forms by:
  • Sending them through interoffice mail to the Department of Human Resources;
  • Dropping them off (or mailing them to) Allegheny County, Department of Human Resources, 102 County Office Building, 542 Forbes, Pittsburgh PA  15219;
  • Turning them in to your wellness representative.
  • Sorry, no faxes or emails will be accepted. 

To participate in the 10,000 Step Challenge you will need a pedometer.  Any pedometer will work, but when you return your registration and waiver forms to HR a FREE pedometer will be sent to you.

Wellness Rewards (formerly Lifestyle Returns)
Wellness Rewards credit is available for participating in the 10,000 Step Challenge.  You will receive instructions on how to earn credit for Wellness Rewards at the end of the program - no completion code is necessary.

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