Department of Facilities Management



The Department of Facilities Management was established in 2013 and is Allegheny County's newest department. It is comprised of all the Building Trades, Custodial Services, Movers, Parking, Allegheny Green/Sustainability Office, Utilities and Energy Management, Risk Management and Safety Services.


Vision Statement

The Facilities Management Department's vision is to present County-owned facilities in a clean, safe, comfortable, well-maintained condition for all Allegheny County employees, residents and visitors. The goals of the department are directed at facilitating a proper environment to support the mission of service and stewardship for Allegheny County. Some of these efforts include maintaining existing space, anticipating changes, preparing for changes and planning the allocation of resources to meet the future needs of Allegheny County as set forth in the Stategic Plan. Through our efforts, we support the Mission Statement of Allegheny County and sustain a commitment to excellence.


Mission Statement

The Department of Facilities Management is the proud custodian for maintaining and upgrading the County's 45 major buildings and numerous other structures, as well as the 12,000-acre park system. The department ensures that County facilities are constructed, renovated and maintained to provide for an energy efficient, safe, well-designed and promotes a positive atmosphere for all its occupants.

Facilities Management maintains and improves on the County's building infrastructure by providing services such as efficient heating and cooling, building renovation, housekeeping, parking management, moving services and building trade services. It ensures that County facilities are constructed, renovated and maintained for an energy efficient, safe and functional environment for its occupants. In addition, the department provides servces to park facilities and grounds to enhance the beauty and usability of park assets including a farm, ski slope, mansion, wave pools, golf courses, shelters, rental facilities and more. Among the many services to be provided are disease and insect control, building maintenance and repair.