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County Executive Proclamations


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  Vincent Jones - Retirement 
  Amen Corner Award – Doris Carson Williams 
  Exemplary Employee – Marianne DiVecchio 
  Family House – 30th Anniversary 
  Human Rights Day 
  Pittsburgh Banjo Club – 25th Anniversary 
  World AIDS Day 


  Small Business Saturday 
  St. Mary’s 46th Street Lyceum – 100th Anniversary 
  Ukrainian Remembrance 
  William Zachery, Sr. – 80th Birthday 
  Children's Grief Awareness Day 
  Henry Hornbostel Week 
  Chuck Tanner Award – Clint Hurdle 
  Chuck Tanner Award – Marc Marizzaldi 
  Chuck Tanner Award – Bob Nutting 
  Chuck Tanner Award – Sally O'Leary 
  Chuck Tanner Award – Kent Tekulve 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – The PA Interbranch Commission for Gender, Racial & Ethical Fairness 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – The Education Law Center 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – East Liberty Presbyterian Church 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – Alexis K. Marie Payne 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – Dr. Marcus Rediker 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – Janera Solomon 
  YWCA Racial Justice Award – Melanie R. Brown 
  World Diabetes Day 
  American Diabetes Association Expo 
  Sisters Place – 20th Anniversary 
  Steel Valley School District Veterans Day Program 
  TreeVitalize – 20,000th Tree Celebration 
  Record Your Veteran’s Discharge Day 


  Nied’s Way 
  PEAL Center Loyal Volunteer Award – Kathy Thomas 
  Pittsburgh Opera – 75th Anniversary 
  The Z Foundation 
  Yellow Cab – 100th Anniversary 
  Frank Caparelli 
  Covenant Church of Pittsburgh 
  Disability Employment Awareness Month 
  Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. – Media & Mental Health Awards 
  Hays Moose Lodge – 100th Anniversary 
  Lourdes Sanchez Ridge – NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award 
  White Cane Safety Day 
  Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
  Fire PreventionWeek 
  African American Heritage Day Parade 
  Western PA Minority Supplier Development Council – 9th Annual Awards Gala 
  Workforce Development Global Alliance – 2Steps2Work 


  Alcoa – 125th Anniversary 
  Lower Valley Ambulance Service – 40th Anniversary 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. Award Winner - Dr. Howard B. Slaughter, Jr. 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. Award Winner - Luther & Roxanne Sewell 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. Award Winner - Darryl McAbee 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. Award Winner - Highmark Foundation 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. Award Winner - Duquesne Light 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. Award Winner - Tony Bell 
  Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. – 30th Anniversary 
  Small Seeds Development, Inc. – Signature Event 
  Lions Center at UPMC McKeesport – 20th Anniversary 
  POW/MIA Recognition Day 
  Francis Kravetz – World War II POW 
  International Day of Peace 
  Flu + You Day 
  Hispanic Heritage Month 
  Burton Morris Day 
  Collier/Chartiers Valley Little League 
  Dollar Energy Fund 
  Tuskegee Airmen of the Greater Pittsburgh Region Week 
  Assisted Living Week 
  Ovarian Cancer Month 
  Hunger Action Month 
  National Recovery Month 
  National Preparedness Month 


  Knit the Bridge 
  Day of Non-Violence 
  Cantaloupe Sunday 
  John Biedrzycki – Jr. Vice Commander-in-Chief of the VFW 
  Forensic Science Week 
  Syria Shriners – Harige Unit 
  Barbara McNees – Retirement 
  English Camp Program: Central China Normal University 
  Polish Day at Kennywood 
  Phyllis Wheatley Literary Society Award – Ocie Paige 
  Northside Oldtimers Unity Gathering 
  Czech Society of America Fraternal Life Get-Together 


  Diana DePalma – Retirement 
  India Day 
  John Vento – 90th Birthday 
  English Camp Program: Zhejiang University City College 
  English Camp Program: Nanjing Jinling High School 
  English Camp Program: The Middle School Attached to Huazhong University of Science and Technology 
  Paralegal Day 
  David McCullough Day 


  Exemplary Employee Award – Gina Englert 
  HIV Testing Day 
  Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 
  Chief Jeffrey Harbin 
  SAGE, City Charter High School 
  Small Business Person of the Year – Regina Broudy 
  Alberto Benzaquen 
   Esmark Center – Grand Opening 
   Flag Day 
   Pennsylvania’s Senior Hero – Mr. Jeff Pope 
   Pittsburgh Pride 
   Legion of Honor – Mr. Henry Parham 
   Holiday Park VFD – 50th Anniversary 
   Hunger Awareness Day 
   Hunger Awareness Day Honoree – Barb Gallagher 
   Hunger Awareness Day Honoree – Richard “Monty” Montgomery 
   Hunger Awareness Day Honoree – Stephen & Melissa Neely 
   Hunger Awareness Day Honoree – Peoples Natural Gas 
   Hunger Awareness Day Honoree – Chris Rawson 
   Hunger Awareness Day Honoree – Gary Rotstein 
   30th Annual International Bridge Conference 
   One Oxford Centre – 30th Anniversary  


   YWCA Award – Justice Debra Todd 
   YWCA Award – Cathy Raphael 
   YWCA Award – Alka Patel 
   YWCA Award – Dr. Linda Lane 
   YWCA Award – Peggy Harris 
   YWCA Award – Candi Castleberry-Singleton 
   YWCA Award – Betsy Benson 
   National Council of Jewish Women Honoree – Judy Greenwald Cohen 
   National Council of Jewish Women – 120th Anniversary 
   Celebration of Education Week 
   Gateway Clipper Fleet – 55th Anniversary 
   Elizabeth Forward School District - Prom 
   CASA - Rally for Children 
   Safe Boating Week 
   Sgt. Perry Vahaly, Sr. 
   Bruno Sammartino Day 
   Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh – 75th Anniversary 
   Dr. Marie Romanelli – Roy A. Hunt Foundation Award 
   George Blank – Roy A. Hunt Foundation Award 
   Police Week 
   Nursing Home Week 
   Deputy Sgt. Kevin Faulds 
   Entrepreneur’s Growth Conference 
   Transit Day 
   Elizabeth Forward Middle School – Don Eichhorn Schools: Schools to Watch 
   Tim Stevens – 68th Birthday 
   Foster Care Month 
   Correctional Employees Week 
   Rabbi James Gibson – 25th Anniversary 
   Association for the Improvement of Minorities in the IRS – Evelyn M. Stephens 
   Association for the Improvement of Minorities in the IRS 
   The Challenge Program – FTS International  
   Honorable Thomas J. Ridge – St. Barnabas Hance Award  
   ALS Awareness Month 
   Older Americans Month 
   Mental Health Awareness Month 
   Dr. Mary Hines, Carlow University 


   Dorseyville Middle School – Don Eichhorn Schools: Schools to Watch 
   University Center for Social and Urban Research – 40th Anniversary 
   NAACP – Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute 
   Talk Magazine Network Convention 
   S.S. McKeesport 
   Workers’ Memorial Day 
  InterActivity 2013 
  National Volunteer Week 
  Joe Capone – 90th Birthday 
  Cancer Survivors Day 
  Pittsburgh Club, NANBPWC – Founder’s Day 
  Pliskover Association – 105th Anniversary 
  Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Music for the Spirit Festival 
  Rooney Award Winner – Kevin Colbert 
  Rooney Award Winner – Chris Moore 
  Rooney Award Winner – Bob Nelkin 
  Rooney Award Winner – Chancellor Mark Nordenberg 
  Rooney Award Winner – Mamie Hutchins 
  Chatham University, Elsie Hillman Chair – Senator Olympia J. Snowe 
  Exemplary Employee Award – Patsy Thompson 
  Local Government Week 
  Amen Corner – Judge D. Michael Fisher 
  Retirement – Anthony Gaglierd 
  National Library Week  
  Public Safety Telecommunications Week  
  Equal Pay Day  
  ALOM – 40th Anniversary  
  Autism Awareness Month 
  Child Abuse Prevention Month 
  PAEYC – Month of the Young Child 


  Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year Awards – Maria Vondas 
  Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year Awards – Carol McCaskey 
  Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year Awards – Lutual and Sarah Love 
  Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year Awards – Roberta Hall 
  Pittsburgh Volunteer Citizen of the Year Awards – Teresa Amelio 
  American Diabetes Association Alert Day 
  Good Neighbor Day  
  Siemens Foundation Winner – Lily Zhang  
  NEED – 50th Anniversary  
  Center for Victims, Peace It Together Ceremony  
  BusinessWomen First Award – Lutitia Clipper  
  MS Awareness Week 
  AmeriCorps Week 
  Poison Prevention Month 
  Women of Courage – Dr. Josephine Odumakin 
  Women of Courage – Fartuun Adan 
  Women of Courage – Malalai Bahaduri 
  Women’s History Month 
  Society of Women Engineers Conference 


  North Hills High School, Empty Bowls Event 
  WGBN – 20th Anniversary 
  Conductive Education Awareness Day 
  Chinese New Year 
   Engineer’s Week 
   Engineer’s Society of Western PA – Mr. Alex Sciulli, Metcalf Award 
  Women of Color HERStory Month 
  Epilepsy Foundation Mardi Gras Gala 
  Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh – 95th Anniversary 
  Thomas Lococo – 92nd Birthday 
  Myrtle Lococo – 90th Birthday 
  Sergeant Gerardi - Silver Star 
  Clairton VFD - 25th Anniversary 
  American Heart Month / Wear Red Day 
  Black History Month 


  RIDC Industrial Park – 50th Anniversary 
  Clairton Bears – PIAA Class A State Champions 
  National Mentor Month & Thank Your Mentor Day 
   Holiday Project Donor – UPMC 
  Holiday Project Donor – Pittsburgh Pirates 
  Holiday Project Donor – Pittsburgh Steelers 
  Holiday Project Donor – PNC 
  Holiday Project Donor – Richard King Mellon Foundation Holiday Party 
  Holiday Project Donor – Shady Side Academy 
  Holiday Project Donor – Three Rivers Leather Club 
  Holiday Project Donor – Trau and Loevner Imprinted Sportswear 
  Spirit of King Award 
  Dr. Barbara Sizemore, Spirit of King Award Recipient  
  Holiday Project Donor – Madison Long 
  Holiday Project Donor – Allegheny County Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division 
  Holiday Project Donor – AFL-CIO 
  Holiday Project Donor – Brashear High School Students C.H.A.N.G.E.S. Volunteers 
  Holiday Project Donor – CentiMark Foundation 
  Holiday Project Donor – Half Price Books, Records, Magazines Inc. 
  Holiday Project Donor – KEYS AmeriCorps Members 
  Holiday Project Donor – Keystone State Wrestling Alliance