Allegheny Activates

BHM 2015 

Throughout the month of February, we will be sharing photos and stories of everyday role models from our community in celebration of Black History Month. We have asked County employees to nominate individuals that they feel are worthy of recognition, whether it be a co-worker, neighbor, clergy member, family member, or beyond. Please join with us as we celebrate and recognize the successes and positive impact these individuals have made. 

Every day in February, a profile will be added to our Facebook page, Twitter feed and the list below.  

February 2015

Randy Brockington      Curtis Roberts 
Maurice Trent         Juane Tyler 
Dr. William Simmons    Ebony Robinson 
Jerry Allen    Floyd Cephas 
Dan Robinson    Sgt. Andrea Lewis 
Hope Wimbish    Leon E. Haynes, III 
Dr. Latika Davis-Jones     Hon. Ed Gainey      
Rev. Glenn Grayson    Carol Brackett 
I. Charles Mathews    Areatha Griffin 
Aaron Thomas    Shanicka Kennedy 
Rev. Timothy Smith    Michele Alexander 
Sabrina Harris    Wendy Stephens 
Thomas Gaither    William H. "Lucky" Price, III  
William Betts    Leah Duncan 
Adena Johnson