Allegheny Activates

Women's History Month 2014 


During Women’s History Month, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is proud to recognize women, organizations and events - past and present - that have a connection to our county and have impacted the history of Allegheny County and/or the nation.


Every day in March, a profile will be added to our Facebook page and the list below. The County Executive invites you to learn about their accomplishments or struggles and to celebrate the history of Allegheny County’s female community.

March 2014

Margaret Deland    Martha Woodward Isler 
Ailsa Mellon Bruce    Patricia L. Valentine 
Agnes Fraser Watson    Dr. Karen Hacker 
Allegheny Arsenal Disaster    Jan Rea 
Allegheny County Equal Rights Association Convention    Ashley Henry Shook 
Ellen McLean    Mary Ann Eisenreich 
Erin Dalton    Women's Club of Pittsburgh 
Western University of Pennsylvania        Joyce A. Snell 
First Election in which Women Could Vote    Cynthia Shapira 
LaToya Warren    Rebecca A. Frazier 
Bette Ford    Barbara Feldon 
Lisa Edmonds    Dolores Costello 
Edie Shapira, M.D.    Laura Zaspel 
Patti Burns    Amy M. Kuntz 
Little Sisters of the Poor    Tiffany Sizemore 
Evelyn Benzo    Millie Penfield 
Jennifer Liptak    Vera Kelly 
Joan Cleary    YWCA Greater Pittsburgh 
Karen Blumen    Charlene Petrelli 
Bertha Rauh    Monica Long 
Barbara Parees    Fannie Sellins 
Arletta Scott Williams    Ann Ostergaard 
Mary Conturo    Sandra Welner, M.D. 
Dusty Elias Kirk    Connie Parker 
Kate Barkman    Melissa Swedish 
Charlene Flaherty Yoder    Stacey Steiner
Janet Norkus   Ellen Stewart, M.D.