Emergency Services

Swiftwater/Flood Response Team

Allegheny County Swiftwater/Flood Response Team, Station 490, was formed in 2010 to provide water rescue for Allegheny County in Pennsylvania. Allegheny County is 745 square miles with a population of 1,223,348 people and three major rivers.

The Allegheny County Swiftwater/Flood Response Team provides water rescue within Allegheny County and surrounding counties by request. All technicians are trained to NFPA 1670 Technician Level and the County team is made up of water rescue technicians from eight departments within the County. The ACSWFRT is also part of Pennsylvania Region 13 Homeland Security Task Force; a hazards task force.



All members of the Allegheny County Swiftwater/Flood Response Team are trained in the following classes that are part of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissions Water Rescue Program.  

Water Rescue for the First Responder  1670 – Awareness Level 2 - 2.5 hours
Water Rescue & Emergency Response 1670 – Operations Level 16 hours
Emergency Boat Operation & Rescue  1670 – Technician Level 16 hours
Ice Rescue & Emergency Response  1670 – Technician Level 12-16 hours
Advanced Line Systems Rescue  1670 – Technician Level 16 hours

Organization Chart


Swiftwater-Flood Response Team Org Chart graphic