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Fire Academy Policy/Procedures

Enrollment forms are due at the Allegheny County Fire Academy
two (2) weeks prior to the start of individual classes.

Complete Student Policy Manual  

Registration Policy/Prodedures

All students must be pre-registered for classes at the Allegheny County Fire Academy (ACFA). In order to plan ahead for facilities and equipment, ACFA needs to know how many students are attending each program. All classes are limited to 24 to 30 students to allow each student as much training time as possible. Therefore ACFA reserves the right not to accept walk-in students at any program. Walk-ins will be accepted on a limited basis up to the course size limit as established by the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy (PSFA) Minimum Standard for Accreditation (MSA) for the program.

Enrollment forms are due at ACFA two (2) weeks prior to the start of class. Enrollment Forms can either be faxed or mailed to ACFA at the address and fax number on the enrollment form. At this point the class roster will be set and acceptance letters will be sent to all students enrolled in the program. Bring the acceptance letter with you to the first day of class, as this will ensure you a spot if there is any conflict with regard to number of students enrolled in a program. Any enrollment forms received after the deadline will be honored on a first-come-first-served basis up to the course limit as established by the MSA. By registering beyond the deadline, the student accepts the risk of not being enrolled in the program and being sent home the first day of class.

Courses with prerequisite requirements must have documentation of the prerequisites being met attached at the time the enrollment form is submitted to ACFA. Attached copies of the certificate issued for the prerequisite course will satisfy this requirement. Any enrollment forms received without documentation will be rejected and the student will not be enrolled in the program.

"No Show" Policy

As program space is limited, ACFA reserves the right to suspend any student who registers for a program and then does not show up or cancels out of the program prior to the start of the class. The suspension will be for a one year period. If such "no-shows" occur as a group from a single fire department, the Academy reserves the right to suspend the entire department from attending courses sponsored by ACFA for the period of one year.

Chief's Authorization

In authorizing a student to attend classes at ACFA, the Fire Chief is certifying that the student:

  • Meets the prerequisite knowledge and abilities to attend the class per the course description.
  • Is medically qualified to attend the course and participate in all evolutions.
  • Is covered by the Fire Department's Workers' Compensation Insurance during attendance at the Academy.
  • Will be provided with appropriate TOG, SCBA and other PPE as dictated by the course description.
  • The Fire Department will pay all fees associated with the program for which the student is registering.

Facial Hair Policy/Procedure

In order to comply with accepted standards (NFPA 1403, 1404 and 1500, and OSHA Respiratory Protection) and Pennsylvania State Fire Academy guidelines; any program that utilizes SCBA or other respiratory protection will require students registering to be clean-shaven. This means there will be no facial hair anywhere along the jaw line, the chin or under the lower lip. A well-trimmed mustache is permitted. Any student out of compliance with the policy will be given the option of shaving prior to the start of class or not attending the program.

Turn-Out Gear (TOG) Inspection Policy

ACFA will have a gear inspection performed during the course of any program that involves live fire training. The intent of this inspection is to ensure the protection of the student participating in training. Deficiencies in the protective equipment inspected will be noted on the inspection form. Not all deficiencies will prevent the gear from being used in the program. Only if the "NO" box next to "PPE acceptable for use" is checked is the student not permitted to wear the inspected gear for the live fire evolution portion of the program. Gear not acceptable for live fire use may continue to be worn for non-live fire portions of the program. A copy of the Personal Protective Equipment Inspection form shall be sent home with the student for review.

Materials Fees

Materials Fees for classes are due and payable with application. Payment must be in the form of check or money order made payable to CCAC or by credit card on the registration form. We cannot accept cash. Applications received without payment will not be accepted.