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Dress Code

As times have changed in our society and so has the dress that we all wear. The Allegheny County Fire Academy is a formidable educational institution and we provide a high quality service to our users meaning the fire fighters in the county and surrounding counties. In order to keep the highest quality of education at our facility we need to have a dress code that is commensurate of the education that is being delivered at this facility.

In order to facilitate the learning at the Allegheny County Fire Academy there will be three levels of required dress when attending classes. The first level is proper dress for classroom, activities, the second level is for training ground activities and the last level is for suppression activities.

Class Room

The students in the classroom will be required to wear long pants. Shorts and/or skirts must cover their entire buttocks area and must extend to fingertip length. They will need to have a shirt on that covers their entire midriff and shoulders. Shoes will/must cover their entire foot.

Training Ground

The students on the training grounds will wear long pants of a nature that are durable such as Jeans. They will not have holes in them and will not hang down. Shirts will be the same as in the classroom. Shoes will be at least work boots or bunker boots that covers the entire foot.

Suppression Activities

Dress for suppression activities will be the same as the training grounds with the addition of a long sleeve T-Shirt or a sweatshirt for added protection during the live burn portions of the class.

Preferred Dress for All Students

The Fire Academy would like to see all students wear some type of station uniform. This would include a fire department T-shirt with some sort of insignia on it, navy blue work pants, black socks, and black shoes or boots. This is a preferred dress and is not mandatory to attend classes at the Academy.

Dress that is Not Allowable

  • Any shirts with profanity or any type of discriminatory wording or phrases printed on them.
  • Shirts/blouses that have spaghetti straps.
  • Muscle shirts.
  • Shorts, which exposes the buttocks in any manner.
  • Pants, which have large holes in them and have the potential of exposing students' buttocks or genital areas.
  • Sandals of any kind.

If any of the above attire is on a student when they report for classes they will be asked to correct their dress before the class begins. If they do not correct the situation they will not be allowed to participate in class for the day, and the instructor will instruct the student to leave the facility. The student will then have to make up the class at a different time.

The Allegheny County Fire Academy has a policy of full participation for all programs. This means that the student must attend all class sessions in order to complete the program.

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