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The National Fire Incident Reporting Systems (NFIRS) is an information system initiated and supported by the U.S. Fire Administration. The U.S. Fire Administration developed NFIRS as a means of assess the nature and scope of the fire problem in the United States. Pennsylvania’s version is called PennFIRS.

Within the PennFIRS program, participating local fire departments fill out Incident, Casualty and optional reports for fires and other incident types as they occur. They forward the completed incidents via computer files to their local county EMA office where the data are validated and consolidated into a single computerized database. These local reports are then forwarded to the State Fire Commissioner’s Office. Periodically, the aggregated statewide data is sent to the National Fire Data Center at the USFA to be released and included in the National Database. This database is used to answer questions about the nature and causes of injuries, deaths, and property loss resulting from fires.

Quick Stats

  • The NFIRS represents the world's largest, national, annual database of fire incident information.
  • State participation in NFIRS is voluntary.
  • 50 states and the District of Columbia report NFIRS data.
  • 38 fire departments with a population protected of over 500,000 participate in the NFIRS.
  • Nationally, over 21,000 fire departments report in the NFIRS each year.
  • Participating departments report an average of 14,000,000 incidents and 1,000,000 fires each year.
  • The NFIRS database comprises more than one half of all reported fires that occur annually.

Reporting in Allegheny County

Allegheny County Emergency Services (ACES) requests that County fire departments submit their reports quarterly to Email to:  If you have any questions, please call Emergency Services at (412) 473-2550.

If a fire department does not have the capability to send their report electronically, they may mail it on a CD to:
Allegheny County Emergency Services
400 North Lexington Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15208-2521
Attn: PennFIRS

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