Emergency Services

LEPC/CCC Member Listing

Arrow LEPC Alternate Member Listing 

The following is a listing of Allegheny County LEPC Members that is delineated according to the Allegheny County LEPC by-laws and is in compliance with PA ACT 165 provisions:

County Executive 

Rich Fitzgerald, County Executive
County of Allegheny

Corporations or Facilities 

Robert Cornell, Director of Environmental Regulations/Dealer Operations
Mon Valley Petroleum

Kathleen Criss, Business Continuity
Three Rivers Contingency Planning Association
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

William J. Gallagher, Manager
Hazardous Materials Transportation
PPG Industries

Robert Jones, Senior Manager External Affairs
Dominion Peoples

Scott Keener, Manager Loss Control
Pennsylavnia-American Water Company

William A. Mihalco, Environmental Manager
Bechtel Bettis, Inc.

Jay A. Penwell, Production Coordinator
Pressure Chemical Company

Kevin Probst, Manager Environmental Safety
Koppers Industries Incorporated

Zygmunt Osiecki, Director of Engineering, Safety and Environment
Neville Chemical Company

Non-Profit Community/Environmental Groups/Volunteers 

Nancy Naragon, Director/Vice President
League of Womens Voters

Marilyn Skolnick, Western PA Chapter
Sierra Club/Allegheny Group

Robert E. Zischkau, Jr., Environmental Engineer
Lions Club International

Transportation Industry or Facilities 

Byron Harriger, Manager - Plans and Procedures
Pittsburgh Airport Authority

Lynn Kerting, District Inspector
Bureau of Explosives/Transportation Technology Center, Inc.

Police, Fire or EMS 

David Kerr, Public Safety Director
Neville Township

Henry Mink, Representative
Allegheny County Volunteer Firemans Association

Charles Moffatt, Superintendent
Allegheny County Police

Municipal EMA Official 

Martin Ritter, Coordinator
Borough of Brentwood Emergency Management
LEPC/CCC Vice-Chairman 

City of Pittsburgh 

Raymond DeMichiei, Deputy Director
Emergency Management

Michael Huss, Chief/EMA Director
Fire Bureau

Robert McCaughan, Chief
Emergency Medical Services

Allegheny County Health Department 

Anthony Gaglierd, Environmental Bureau
Allegheny County Health Department

American Red Cross 

Salvation Army 
Medical Community or Hospitals
Dr. Edward P. Krenzelok, Director
Pittsburgh Poison Center

Frederick Peterson, Executive Director
Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania

David Rossi, National Disaster Medical System
V.A. Pittsburgh Healthcare System


Alan Hausman, Logistics Coordinator
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire / PA 1 USAR

Anthony J. Sadar, CCM
Allegheny Health Department

Peter H. Thompson, President
T-Square Associates Inc.

County Solicitor's Office 

Robert G. Borgoyn, Esq.
Assistant Solicitor
Allegheny County Law Department

Attorneys in Private Practice in Allegheny County  

Howard J. Wein, Esq.
Klett, Rooney, Lieber & Schorling

County Emergency Management  

Steve Wilharm, Emergency Operations
Allegheny County Emergency Management
LEPC / CCC Chair 

Media / Risk Communications  

Allegheny County Hazardous Material Teams (5) 

Larry Johnson, Chief
NEARA Hazmat (Blue) Team

Donald R. Dolfi, Chief
Specialized Intervention (Green) Team

Robert Farrow, Chief
City of Pittsburgh Hazmat (Gold) Team

Curt Toperzer, Team Leader
East Boros Emergency Services Association (Red) Team

Richard Wagner
North Hills Response (Silver) Team

Composition of the LEPC Membership Listing

In order to carry out the provisions of Federal and Commonwealth law, a minimum of one LEPC shall be established in each county. The local committee, which selects a chairperson among its members, is subject to the oversight of the Pennsylvania Emergency Council and shall cooperate with the County Emergency Management Agency and SARA facilities to prepare emergency response plans required by section 303 of SARA Title III, for facilities where extremely hazardous materials are present. A local committee, under the law, shall be composed of the County Emergency Management Coordinator, County Executive and at least one person as selected from each of the following groups:

  • Elected officials representing local governments within the county;
  • Law enforcement, emergency medical, health, local environmental groups, hospital and transportation personnel
  • Firefighting personnel
  • The media
  • Community groups not affiliated with emergency service groups
  • Owners and operators of facilities subject to the requirements of SARA Title III