Emergency Services

Emergency Management Functions

The 13 emergency management functions are:

  • When disaster strikes, the community is clearly divided into only two entities; those who need help and those who can provide help.Laws and Authorities - the legal authorities for the development, implementation, and maintenance or an emergency management program
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment - the identification of the hazards with the greatest potential to affect lives and property and an assessment of the likelihood, vulnerability, and magnitude of incidents that could result from exposure to hazards
  • Hazard Management - a systematic management approach to eliminate hazards or reduce the effects of hazards through mitigation
  • Resource Management - the availability of critical human and physical resources required in disaster management
  • Planning - the collection analysis and use of information, and the development, promulgation and maintenance of a comprehensive emergency management plan, action plan, mitigation plan, and administrative plan
  • Direction, Control and Coordination - the capability to monitor for emergencies and disasters; quickly and accurately assess their magnitude and direct, control and coordinate response and recovery
  • Communications and Warning - the ability to alert and warn response organizations and the general public of pending and spontaneous disaster events
  • Operations and procedures - the implementation of policies, plans and procedures in exercises and disaster events
  • Logistics and Facilities - essential facilities and services that support response and recovery operations
  • Training - assessments, development and implementation of a training/education program for public officials, emergency response personnel, and mitigation personnel
  • Exercises - the evaluation of plans and capabilities based on a program of tests and exercises
  • Public Education and Information - the provision of public education and information to protect lives and minimize property loss
  • Finance and Administration - financial and administrative procedures in place before, during and after disaster events.