Emergency Services

Public Safety Radio Narrow-Banding Project


Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services is currently working towards narrow-banding all public safety radio frequencies by January 1, 2013 to meet the FCC mandate.

Police, Fire, EMS and EMA agencies throughout Allegheny County should check this page continually for critical information about the project.

All Files are PDFs

General Information

11-09-2011 Letter to Police, Fire and EMS
02-22-2012 Letter to Police, Fire and EMS 
Attachment   Radio ID (MDC) Code Request Form

Project Documents

NB 01-11 Project Overview
NB 02-11 Minimum specifications for mobiles and portables
NB 03-11 Migration Timeline
NB 04-11 List of narrow band capable radios
NB 05-11 Radio system coverage testing protocol
NB 06-11 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
NB 07-11 Sample channel / zone configuration – pre and post narrowbanding
NB 01-12 Recent Actions by the FCC
NB 02-12 Recent Actions by the FCC - Narrowbanding Update