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Single Point of Accountability

Single Point of Accountability (SPA): Transforming Case Management

The Single Point of Accountability Initiative advocates changes in how mental health case management services are financed, supervised, and delivered. The name of the service has changed from "case management" to "service coordination." In addition, service coordinators now provide less direct support to consumers. Instead, they spend more time assessing, planning, coordinating, and convening/facilitating, as well as advocating for system improvements. Under Single Point of Accountability, service coordination has a more important role in the mental health system. Service coordination offers a career with upward mobility. Service Coordination is a recovery-oriented service which utilizes natural supports and seeks to assist the person served to achieve recovery. Service coordination strives to improve family connections and encourages full inclusion in the community including through employment, political action and/or other meaningful activity. 

SPA in the News       

Acronyms – To expand commonly used abbreviations
pdf.gif Indicators of Recovery-oriented Service Coordination
pdf.gif SPA Accomplishments
pdf.gif SPA Expectations
pdf.gif SPA Frequently Asked Questions 
pdf.gif SPA Model
pdf.gif SPA Presentation 
pdf.gif SPA Recommendations Report  
pdf.gif Description of Service Coordination for Service Recipients
pdf.gif Fact Sheet on Service Coordination for Professional Staff 

SPA Finance Committee

The Single Point of Accountability Finance Committee is developing a plan to fund the Single Point of Accountability program.  This plan will increase salaries for service coordinators, pay for psychiatrists and therapists to attend treatment team meetings, and find ways to reward providers who help people in recovery to improve their quality of life.  Finally, this committee is responsible for measuring whether this new way of doing service coordination is working.

pdf.gif Finance Committee Participants
pdf.gif Finance Committee Task List 

Committee Documents
pdf.gif Salary Survey 2010 Report
pdf.gif Billing Clarifications
pdf.gif Cost Analysis Survey 
pdf.gif Salary Survey 2010
pdf.gif Service Planning Agency Report 
pdf.gif Service Planning Code - Memo
pdf.gif Service Planning Implementation Instructions
pdf.gif Service Planning Implementation Survey
pdf.gif SPA Findings 

SPA Quality Committee (Allegheny County Coalition for Recovery)

The Quality Committee of the Allegheny County Coalition for Recovery has developed service-planning principles that encourage professionals and the people they work with to work together as partners. These principles are based upon the recovery philosophy. The Quality Committee is developing a universal recovery plan that will contain the goals and strategies from all the programs serving the person. The long-term goal of the committee is to develop a web-based repository for service plans with access to these plans being granted by the consumer to his/her partners in recovery.

pdf.gif Quality Committee Participants
pdf.gif Quality Committee Task List 
Quality Committee-Minutes 

Committee Documents
pdf.gif Adult Service Plan Structure
pdf.gif Indicators for Service Planning Principles
pdf.gif Service Planning Brochure
pdf.gif Service Planning Principles
pdf.gif Service Planning Terms 

SPA Research Committee

The Single Point of Accountability Research Committee focuses on the evaluation of the Single Point of Accountability Initiative.  The evaluation will focus on the perception of change by consumers, families and staff. Other data elements will include staff turnover, staff salaries, staff perceptions of training needs and changes in the frequency of services provided. The committee also provides technical assistance in the implementation of new assessment-of-needs-and-strengths tools.

pdf.gif Research Committee Participants
pdf.gif Research Committee Task List 

Committee Documents
pdf.gif SPA Ethnographic Research Results 2010 
pdf.gif Mentee Research Findings
pdf.gif SPA Objectives
pdf.gif Assessment and Service Planning Summit - Minutes
pdf.gif Assessment Tool Domain Comparison
pdf.gif Assessment Tool Summary
pdf.gif Consumer Base-line Study
pdf.gif Evaluation of SPA - DHS
pdf.gif Evaluation Studies of SPA
pdf.gif Mentee Research Findings
pdf.gif Recovery-promoting Relationship Scale

SPA Steering Committee

The Steering Committee oversees the transformation of case management services and the work of other Single Point of Accountability committees. It focuses on changes to the agency contracts and the different levels of service coordination. It communicates changes that are occurring to providers, consumers, and family members. The Steering Committee works to assure that adult service-coordination services are consistent with child service-coordination services.

xls.gif Steering Committee Participants
pdf.gif Steering Committee Task List
pdf.gif Service Coordinators Supervisors Facilited Discussions
pdf.gif Q&A on SPA 

Steering Subcommittees 

pdf.gif Documentation Guidelines 

SPA Admin Work Group
pdf.gif Admin Service Coordination Survey Results 

Contract Work Group
pdf.gif SPA Contract - All BH Agencies
pdf.gif SPA Contract - Service Coordination Agencies 

Agency Monitoring of SPA Principles
xls.gif SPA Monitoring Tool - FY 2009-10
pdf.gif SPA Monitoring Results - FY 2009-10 

xls.gif SPA Monitoring Tool - FY 2010-11
pdf.gif SPA Monitoring Results - FY 2010-11 

xls.gif SPA Monitoring Tool - FY 2011-12  

Contingency Work Group
pdf.gif Contingency Funds Expectations 

Referral Form Subcommittee
pdf.gif Universal Adult Service Coordination Referral Form
pdf.gif Universal Child Service Coordination Referral Form

SPA Workforce Committee

The Single Point of Accountability Workforce Committee is charged with improving the service coordination workforce through training, retaining workers, and recruiting qualified individuals to be service coordinators.  The Workforce Committee realizes that developing a career ladder for service coordinators is an important part of retaining good workers.  This career ladder will allow service coordinators to grow professionally and receive increased pay as they progress.

xls.gif Workforce Committee Participants
pdf.gif Workforce Committee Task List 

Committee Documents
pdf.gif Advanced Workshops for FY 2013
pdf.gif Convening-Facilitating Training
pdf.gif Convening Follow-up Concerns
pdf.gif Convening Training Results
pdf.gif Curriculums - Side-by-Side
pdf.gif Diagram on Training
pdf.gif Family-member Panel Discussion Themes
pdf.gif Layout of Training
pdf.gif New-Hire Training Summary
pdf.gif SC Training Needs Research Document
pdf.gif Training Survey
pdf.gif Training Survey Initial Results
pdf.gif Training Survey Grad Results
Workforce Subcommittees 

Competency Work Group
pdf.gif Competency List
pdf.gif Recovery Competencies - NZ
pdf.gif Competency Hiring 

Marketing Work Group
 Marketing Plan for Recruitment of SC
pdf.gif SC Recruitment Poster (11" x 17")
pdf.gif SC Recruitment Mailer
pdf.gif Talking Points for Classroom Presentation 

Mentor Training
pdf.gif Mentor Agreement (Mentor/Supervisor)
pdf.gif Mentor Course Announcement
pdf.gif Mentor Training Expectations
pdf.gif Mentor Syllabus 
pdf.gif Adult Mentoring Manual
pdf.gif Mentored Service Coordination for Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Practitioners and Mentors  

SPA Workforce Recruitment Workgroup
xls.gif SC Performance Evaluation Format 

Job Descriptions
word.gif Service Coordinator
word.gif Mentor
word.gif Service Coordinator Supervisor 

pdf.gif Themes from SPA Service Coordinator Survey 

Student Placement Subcommittee
pdf.gif SPA Student Field Placements 

SPA in the News

Single Point of Accountability transforms OBH case management, earns national recognition
DHS News, May, 2011

Allegheny County SPA Initiative (DHS OBH and Family Services of Western Pennsylvania) wins the national 2011 Behavioral Health Pacesetter Award in support of direct care workers. April 2011
The Annapolis Coalition on the Behavioral Health Workforce announcement
Hitachi Foundation announcement 

pdf.gif A Model for Progress
Bridges, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, Spring 2011

pdf.gif Partnership in Allegheny County Lifts Case Management as Profession
Mental Health Weekly, March 2010

 OBH incorporates Single Point of Accountability for adult consumers
DHS News, April 2009

pdf.gif Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health Launches New Case Manager Development & Retention Program 
Open Minds, 2009

pdf.gif SPA Transformation of Case Management 
CCBH, June 30, 2008

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