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DHS Research and Reports - Aging

pdf.gif Introducing Performance-Based Contracting: A Comparison of Implementation Models
Published, October 2014
This report provides an overview of the design and implementation of Performance-Based Contracting with senior centers, child welfare placement agencies and providers serving offenders discharged from the Allegheny County Jail.

pdf.gifNever Let a Good Crisis go to Waste: Building a Better Home-Delivered Meals System
Kathy McCauley
July 2014

In April 2013, after losing its largest provider of Home-Delivered Meals (HDM), the Department of Human Services’ Area Agency on Aging (AAA) embarked upon a process to completely redesign the HDM system in only 10 weeks. In partnership with six provider agencies, AAA implemented a system that, in addition to providing nutritious meals, includes a mechanism for monitoring and responding to the physical and behavioral health status of the 2600 individuals served by the program.

This report describes how AAA and its partner agencies used the opportunity of a crisis situation to strategically design and implement an HDM system that is better positioned to achieve its mission of helping consumers remain safe, healthy and independent in their own homes.

pdf.gif Retooling with Rigor: Upgrading the Area Agency on Aging’s Options Care Management Program
Published October 2013

In 2011, the Allegheny County Department of Human Services’ Area Agency on Aging (AAA) embarked upon a process designed to upgrade the quality of the Options Care Management Program, which provides services to more than 5,000 Allegheny County residents, ages 60 and above, to enable them to continue to live independently at home.

The upgrade involved: (1) development and issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to existing and potential providers; (2) a rigorous and objective provider selection procedure; (3) extensive training of staff at the three selected care management providers (one of whom was a prior contractor); (4) transition of all participants to the new management organizations; and (5) establishment of a new, performance-based evaluation system to monitor achievement of quality standards.

This narrative report discusses the impetus for the change and describes the RFP process, outcomes and lessons learned.

pdf.gif Allegheny County LINK: A Summary of Data and Consumer Feedback
Brian Bell, Charles Odah, Evelyn Whitehill and Erin Dalton
Published May 2012

The Allegheny County LINK (LINK) was founded in 2006 and designed to simplify and streamline access to long-term living services and supports and provide assistance to consumers who are seeking services and making long-term living decisions. A review of data and a consumer survey indicated that LINK’s services are valued and increasing in demand and that the majority of calls relate to housing and home accessibility issues. Details of this analysis as well as recommendations for service expansion can be found in this report.