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DHS Program Monitoring

Each DHS program office is responsible for monitoring the programs and service-provision of the DHS-contracted agencies within its purview for contract compliance. The standards by which each agency is assessed are set by state and federal oversight agencies. Specific information about each office’s program monitoring process is available below.  A profile for each office is also supplied to give an overview of the services it provides. 

Overview of Program Monitoring 

Area Agency on Aging
Program Monitoring overview 

Office of Behavioral Health
Program Monitoring overviews

Office of Children, Youth and Families
Program Monitoring overview 

Office of Community Services
Program Monitoring overview 

Office of Intellectual Disability 
Program Monitoring overview 

Reviews by State and Federal Funding Agencies

DHS is subject to scheduled and discretionary on-site monitoring visits by various state and federal funding agencies. Funding agencies also review and forward the results of annual licensing for those providers required to be licensed. The following list details the monitoring review frequency and procedures performed by state and federal funding agencies.

Area Agency on Aging (AAA) 

  • Corporation for National Service (Senior Companion Program) - Every two years
  • Senior Service America (Senior Employment Programs) - Annually
  • Pa. Department of Aging (Block grants and Title V) - Random, periodic reviews

Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) and 

  • Pa. Department of Human Services (Title XIX) - Periodic
  • Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs (All D&A fund types and programs) - Annually

Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) 

  • Social Security Administration (SSI and SSA) - Annual on-going review
  • Pa. Auditor General (IV-E, TANF and 148 Invoices) - Annually
  • Federal Title IV-E (Eligibility determinations and documentation) - Every three years

Office Community Services (OCS) 

  • Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board Monitoring of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Contracts - Annually
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Families, Region III - Every three years
  • Pa. Department of Labor and Industry, Governor's Office of Citizen Services PennSERVE - Annually
  • Pa. Department of Community and Economic Development (CSBG) - Every two years
  • Pa. Department of Human Services (Medical Assistance Transportation Program) - Annually
  • Pa. Department of Labor and Industry - Annually

Office of Intellectual Disability (OID)  

  • Pa. Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs - Periodic


  • Other state and federal agencies - As needed for specific service inquiries