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 Month  Lead Article 
February  CYF Caseworkers can get education, professional benefits through CWEB and CWEL programs 

Immigrants & Internationals Council receives honors  


 Month  Lead Article 

DHS makes moves to improve data security  


Work group looks to streamline contracts process  


 DHS and partners implement a financial literacy training tool for transition-aged youth  


DHS launches “Use Your Words” campaign to promote the importance of talking to babies and children 


Welcoming America helps immigrants and communities come together  

July  Credential for Strengths-Based Family Workers classes offered 
June  Child Welfare Data to be Analyzed for Creative Problem Solving 
May  Diligent Recruitment efforts target foster families for teens 
April  Safe Start promotes Screen Free Week and other awareness campaigns impacting children 
March  National Disability Mentoring Day to Launch in Pittsburgh 
February  Affordable Care Act Covers Youth Aging Out of Foster Care 
January  Casey Family Programs Honors Marc Cherna with Lifetime Achievement Award For Excellence In Child Welfare Leadership 
 Month  Lead Article 
December  DHS Helps Promote Available Resources During Self-Help Awareness Month 
November  The Policies and Procedures Process Gets an Update 
October  ILI Project Eases Transition from Foster Care to the Full Time Workforce 
September  Evidence-Based Practices Examined to Improve Child Welfare Options 
August  Performance Based Contracting 
July      The Child Welfare Demonstration Project  
June   DHS Celebrates Pride Month 
May  The Human Services Block Grant: Inside the Process  
April  Conferencing and Teaming: Inside the Process  
March  DHS Conferencing and Teaming 
February  Wi-Fi Access Expands 
January   Coming Soon: A New Way to Request Assistance with Remedyforce 
 Month   Lead Article 
December  A Discussion on the Evolution of DHS  
November  Finding “Forever Families” for DHS Children and Youth  
October  DHS Public Meetings 
September  OBH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services 
August  Helping Foster Youth Transition to Success 
July  Family Team Conferencing 
pdf.gif June  Improving the Health of Foster Youth 
pdf.gif May  The Family Resource Guide 
pdf.gif April  Eco Council Brings Green Practices to DHS 
pdf.gif March  DHS Safety Alerts 
pdf.gif February  Allegheny County FosterClub All-Star Testifies Before Congress 
pdf.gif January  Office of Community Services (OCS) conducts ROMA Training in January 
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif December  SOCI is gone, but its legacy lives on 
pdf.gif November  SWES ready for operation if temperature drops 
pdf.gif October  2-1-1 is coming to southwestern Pennsylvania 
pdf.gif September  CYF hosts 11th annual Families United Celebration at Schenley Park 
pdf.gif August   Foster youth help raise funds for ACMFF by performing at three DHS events 
pdf.gif July  When temperatures soar, AAA works to keep older adults cool and safe 
pdf.gif June  Meetings held to gather input for planning of children and youth services 
pdf.gif May  Single Point of Accountability transforms OBH case management, earns national recognition 
pdf.gif April  CSBG funding used to quickly and effectively address community needs 
pdf.gif March  Choose your partner-caregiver carefully...your baby is counting on you 
pdf.gif February  DHS awarded HUD Continuum of Care grant renewal to combat homelessness 
pdf.gif January  New Integrated Service Planning Process to benefit youth aging out of CYF 
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif December  DHS Director Marc Cherna participates in homelessness roundtable discussion, offers updates to 10-year plan 
pdf.gif November  DHS Case Competition elicits ideas from graduate students to improve education outcomes 
pdf.gif October  DHS reaches out to those with limited English proficiency 
pdf.gif September  DHS initiative honored again by Harvard’s Ash Center 
pdf.gif August  Scholars in Local Government Program seeks new applicants 
pdf.gif July  ARRA-CSBG-funded programs help many struggling through recession to achieve self-sufficiency 
pdf.gif June  AAA to offer ‘Better Choices, Better Health’ for seniors 
pdf.gif May  More than 1,000 Summer Jobs for Allegheny County Youth, Young Adults 
pdf.gif April  Office of Administration absorbs Information Management Functions, streamlines services 
pdf.gif March  DHS, Casey continue partnership for Improving
Outcomes for Youth and Families Initiative
pdf.gif February  OBH, CCBHO awarded new grant for dual-risk families 
pdf.gif January  Leveling the Learning Field  
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif December  DHS staff contribute and learn as Review Team participants 
pdf.gif November  AAA, families and communities working together to keep frail seniors safe 
pdf.gif October  DHS moves quickly to serve most vulnerable, helps make Pittsburgh G-20 a success 
pdf.gif September  DHS announces federal stimulus dollars to fund services to help additional individuals and families become self-sufficient 
pdf.gif August  DHS hosts Comedy Night to benefit children 
pdf.gif July  DHS to co-host Youth Summit for 75 youth 
pdf.gif June  OIM Request formalizes requests for IT-related items 
pdf.gif May  Summer Youth Employment Program announces 600 summer ‘green’ jobs for County youth 
pdf.gif April  OBH incorporates Single Point of Accountability for adult consumers 
pdf.gif March  DHS directs collaborative effort to change child’s life
pdf.gif February  Allegheny County job seekers have award-winning resource in their corner
pdf.gif January  DHS, Katz Graduate School of Business study need for project management capacity within Department
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif December  FDC Training – Enough Benefits to Go Around
pdf.gif November  Improving Outcomes for Children and Families implements new, powerful approach
pdf.gif October  AAA, OCS take STEP into the future
pdf.gif September  DHS lets everyone know what seniors have known for years: AAA Ombudsman Program helps seniors receive quality long-term care
pdf.gif August  Policies around ‘applied-for’ funding formalized
pdf.gif July  DHS announces Candidates’ Comedy Night as second fundraiser for Music Festival Fund, event SOLD OUT!
pdf.gif June  DHS takes integration of services for children to next level, aims to improve outcomes
pdf.gif May  DHS, Casey Family Programs working together to promote career opportunities for youth in independent living
pdf.gif April  IT’s under the magnifying glass
pdf.gif March  Allegheny County Jail Collaborative –Making a Decade of Difference
pdf.gif February  Director Marc Cherna provides testimony about foster care reform to PA Senate committee
pdf.gif January  Katz study determines DHS economic impact among tops in country
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif January  Transition-aged youth take center stage
pdf.gif February  HUD grant to help DHS provide support for homeless
pdf.gif March  System of Care youth make trip to Harrisburg, speak with Secretary Richman
pdf.gif April  A Decade of Progress: Transforming Human Services
pdf.gif May  DHS partners with Children's Court to provide holistic care for kids
pdf.gif June  CYF, OIM work to ensure data is used more effectively
pdf.gif July  New transportation option for OBH consumers
pdf.gif August  First CIT class graduates
pdf.gif September  Steady, cooperative effort brings System of Care Initiative (SOCI) to new level
pdf.gif October  Update given on Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness 
pdf.gif November  Case Competition – All in three days work 
pdf.gif December  Department of Human Services receives HUD grant for $12.6 Million
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif January  DHS launches Medicare web page to help clarify coverage changes
pdf.gif February  DHS Director accepts honors on behalf of work of staff
pdf.gif March  DHS prepares to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, will highlight collaborative achievements throughout 2006
pdf.gif April  DHS 10-Year Anniversary – Focus on the Executive Office: Integrated System of Care
pdf.gif May  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Focus on the Office of Information Management: HumanServices.Net
pdf.gif June  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Focus on the Office of Community Relation: Web Redesign
pdf.gif July  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Focus on the Area Agency on Aging
pdf.gif August  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Office of Administration
pdf.gif September  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Office of Behavioral Health - Behavioral Health/CYF Liaison
pdf.gif October  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Office of Children, Youth and Families - A National Leader
pdf.gif November  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Office of Community Services - Serving CYF Youth
pdf.gif December  DHS 10-Year Anniversary - Office of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities: Provider Reporting System
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif January  SWES offers integrated services clinic every Wednesday
pdf.gif February  OBH develops assessment tool for young adults seeking mental health services
pdf.gif March  DHS puts focus on Shaken Baby Syndrome
pdf.gif April  MA realignment encourages a fresh look
pdf.gif May/June  DHS reputation as national model grows, DHS Director credits staff for opportunities to help other communities
pdf.gif July  New Aging and Disability resource center needs new name
pdf.gif August  State Max Out Program wins prestigious national award
pdf.gif September  CYF holds 6th Families United, inspires New York to hold first
pdf.gif October  DHS coordinates Hurricane Katrina, Rita relocation and relief efforts
pdf.gif November  Medicare Part D takes effect January 1; DHS created 'clearinghouse' position to smooth process
 pdf.gif December  Community Evaluation Team plays integral role in Allegheny County’s System of Care
 Month   Lead Article 
pdf.gif January  HUD affirms the success of DHS Continuum of Care
pdf.gif February  DHS opens The Disability Connection
pdf.gif March  HSIF, other foundations advance human services in Allegheny County
pdf.gif April  Preventing Child Abuse Is Everyone’s Business
pdf.gif May  DHS, Coalition for Recovery focus on making recovery possible
pdf.gif June  DHS helps set One Big Table for hunger awareness
pdf.gif July  Integrated Children Services Plan being developed
pdf.gif August  DHS Resource Network aims to streamline service delivery
pdf.gif September  MH, D&A recovery celebrated in Allegheny County
pdf.gif October  DHS staff and providers rise to meet catastrophic needs
pdf.gif November  CareerLink moves but Regional Service Center stays, expands
pdf.gif December  CCF Final Report demonstrates successes, highlights sustainability