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Mental Health Services and Support

Emergency services

Community Emergency Response 
The Office of Behavioral Health takes a lead role in assisting individuals and communities that are confronted by traumatic events. Residents who are not contacted personally may find a note attached to their door suggesting who to call if they or a loved one experiences trauma following a crisis. There are also additional resources for dealing with traumatic events.

Mental health phone numbers
Find emergency and non-emergency numbers for those with concerns related to mental illness or mental health.

Voluntary and involuntary commitment of a person during a mental health crisis

Mental Health First Aid Training
One in four Americans lives with a mental health problem each year. Yet, far too many - up to two-thirds - go without treatment. Just as CPR training helps a layperson without medical training assist an individual following a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid training helps a layperson assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis. Learn more about available trainings on the Allegheny Health Choices Inc. Mental Health First Aid webpage

Non-emergency Services and Support Information

Anonymous, free, mental health screenings

Behavioral Health Ombudsman Program
Facilitates problem-solving between consumers, family members, providers, Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, and Allegheny County.  Operated by Allegheny HealthChoices Inc. (AHCI)

Child, Youth and Young Adult Mental Health Services and Supports 
Information to help parents find the supports they need to assist a child who may have symptoms of an emotional disorder.

Community Treatment Services
Provide mental health services in the community rather than at a hospital location.

Early Intervention Programs 
Provides assessment, supports and services to children up to three years of age who have a developmental delay or are at risk for developmental delay.

Employment (Support Employment Services for Persons with Serious Mental Illness) 
Helps people, 18 years of age or older, with serious mental illness find a job. After a person finds a job, the supported employment program staff continues to provide support to the person for as long as the person wants it.

In-patient Psychiatric Treatment
Provides safe, 24-hour care for persons in need of hospitalization due to acute mental illness.

Justice Related Services (formerly known as Forensic Services)
Support people with substance abuse disorders and/or mental illness, who are also involved with the criminal justice system.

Peer Support
Provides empathetic support between persons who have a diagnosis of mental illness.

Prescription Program (Behavioral Health) 
Assists persons who qualify to pay for their psychiatric prescription medication. 

Recovery and Rehabilitation
Supports persons with a mental health diagnosis or a substance use disorder live a productive and independent life. National Recovery Month information.

Residential Services
Provide 24-hour support and supervision for those in recovery from mental illness.

Service Coordination 
Assists adults with mental illness and children and youth with serious emotional disturbances to develop a comprehensive recovery plan and to coordinate the provision of desired services. 

System of Care Initiative
Includes a brief history of the SOCI grant programs, a document outlining lessons learned, outcomes reports, a narrative from the perspective of families, and the award-winning Explore Your Emotions coloring and activity book.

Transportation Program (Behavioral Health) 
Provides reduced-rate bus passes for eleigible persons who receive mental health and/or drug and alcohol services.

Related Resources

Annual Plans and Budgets - Mental Health

pdf.gif Allegheny County Department of Human Services Mental Health FundingThis chart compares what publicly funded mental health services are available depending upon an individual’s existing health coverage.

pdf.gif The Allegheny HealthChoices Program 1999-2009: Improving Access and Quality of Services through Collaboration, Fiscal Management and Quality Oversight
Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc., 2010
This report details how, since 1999, financial and quality oversight activities related to behavioral health care in Allegheny County have expanded from a focus on meeting minimum requirements for managed care operations to a focus on improving access, quality and allocation of resources while monitoring efforts to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse of Medicaid funds.

pdf.gif Building Communities - Mayview Post-closure Status Briefing
Allegheny HealthChoices, 2011
Provides a detailed description of the processed used to support adults with serious mental illness in the community following the closure of the former state mental health facility.

Build your own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
Individuals can create their own WRAP and store it electronically and confidentially in a personal folder -  to review and update when they want. Click on the “My Folder / WRAP” link on the Network of Care for Behavioral Health homepage to login or register (if you are a new user) to get started.

pdf.gif Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Resource Guide
Provides a listing of mental health services that can assist school personnel as well as parents with children and adolescents involved with the mental health system. 
Mayview State Hospital Regional Service Area Plan
Developed by stakeholders in the multi-county behavioral health arena to strengthen the behavioral health systems in Allegheny, Beaver, Greene, Lawrence, and Washington counties in advance of the closing of Mayview State Hospital in December, 2009. Mayview Closure Information  

Single Point of Accountability Initiative
Changes how mental health service coordination is financed, supervised, and delivered.

Torrance State Hospital Regional Service Area Plan
Developed by stakeholders in the behavioral health arena to strengthen the behavioral health systems in the ten-county region that formally used Torrance State Hospital.

pdf.gif Where to Call
Directory of mental health and drug and alcohol services providers.