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In-patient Psychiatric Treatment


In-patient Psychiatric Services are available for persons who are acutely ill. The goal of in-patient services is to stabilize symptoms so that people are able to continue their recovery in their homes and communities, with community-based treatment and supports. Individuals whose symptoms pose a danger to themselves or others may be required to have an in-patient psychiatric evaluation and, if necessary, in-patient treatment.

In-patient Psychiatric Services for Children and Youth


In-patient service is a hospital stay where the child is treated for a mental illness or serious behavioral problem. The hospital stay will last as long as needed to make sure the child will be safe when he or she leaves. Each child has a treatment team that works with the child and the child’s caregivers to help the child reach the goal of leaving the hospital. When in-patient services are no longer required, the team works with the family to plan for out-patient services. If the child will not be returning home after the hospital stay, the team will help the family make other plans for the child’s care. As in all cases, family involvement is extremely important in the care of the child.