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Service Coordination


Many people who utilize human services are involved in more than one system. In general, each system is focused upon a limited area and has eligibility requirements, rules and regulations that are often confusing. Office of Behavioral Health service coordination services help make sure that supports from multiple systems available to individuals with mental illness are coordinated in the best interest of the consumer and provided in the consumer’s preferred community location. Service Coordinators work with providers from many systems including:

  • Criminal justice
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Medical Assistance
  • Medicare
  • Mental Health
  • Other government systems
  • Physical health
  • Social Security

Under the Single Point of Accountability Initiative, service coordination has a more important role in the mental health system.  Service coordination offers a career with upward mobility. Service Coordination is a recovery-oriented service which utilizes natural supports and seeks to assist the person served to achieve recovery.

DHS has developed a Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment tool specifically for use in Allegheny County. The standardized use of this tool will further streamline the provision of services across child- and adult-serving systems.

Anyone who has a mental illness in Allegheny County is eligible for the appropriate level of service coordination help. Specialized service coordination is available for persons with mental illness who are involved in the criminal justice system. 

Community Treatment Teams (CTT)

CTTs are designed for adults in recovery from mental illness and/or substance use disorders who have not found success by using other services. The CTT team approach provides treatment and organizes services. Team members include the consumer, doctor, nurse, drug and alcohol therapist, mental health therapist, vocational/educational specialist, case manager and peer counselor. The team is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Meetings may take place outside regular working hours including weekends and holidays. The team meets at locations convenient for the consumer. 

Resource Coordination Services


Resource Coordination (RC) Services are for people who have serious emotional or behavioral problems. The goals of RC services are to help the person get and coordinate the services he or she needs and to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.

As in all cases, family involvement is extremely important.