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LGBTQ Resource Network Newsletters

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The purpose of the LGBTQ Resource Network is to share best practices guides, upcoming webinars and trainings, new policies/laws, and community events. 

Please take special note of a few key features of this resource network:

  • Multiple Lists - In addition to a monthly newsletter, we are creating multiple mailing lists to which we will send specific subject matter, so you can belong to those with information that is most interesting and relevant to you. These networks include Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Housing, and Older Adults.
  • Subscription Opt-In and Opt-Out - To add yourself to mailing lists, or if you change your mind about which lists you would like to belong to, you can control your subscriptions to the various mailing lists on your own, using the links at the bottom of each email. 
  • Privacy - No one will be able to view your subscriptions other than the list administrators (the two of us), and the mail service we are using to send these emails has a sound privacy policy and protections.
  • Information Sharing - As you find information or resources that you think should be shared with the group, please share them with us so we can distribute it to the group.

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