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Allegheny County Jail Collaborative Application

The Allegheny County Jail Collaborative Application was identified as a critical need during a series of community forums in 2009 and 2010 with family members, ex-offenders, and service providers and during a set of interviews with correctional officers, inmates, and family members in 2007-2009. DHS began convening key stakeholders from the Allegheny County Jail and the Courts (including court administration, pretrial and adult probation services) in June, 2011.

The application was built on the same platform as the DHS KIDS (Key Information Demographics System) application because both systems followed a similar workflow and because KIDS had already been successful in connecting DHS child welfare, Family Court and Juvenile Probation.

The overall goal of the Jail Collaborative Application is to provide a defensible measure of the effectiveness of justice-related support services and programs to determine their impact on reducing recidivism. Individuals who go through the intake process at the Jail will be entered into the application. Service providers, probation officers, court staff, DHS staff and other authorized individuals will be able to update those inmate e-files with services provided and outcomes. If, after release, an individual is incarcerated again, the Jail data base will “talk” directly to the Jail Collaborative Application and provide the Jail Collaborative Application with that information. A periodic application report will then reflect that instance of recidivism tied to the individual. In addition, there are several other functions within the application and reports that will help Allegheny County serve the clients more effectively.

Access to the Jail Collaborative Application is strictly limited to those who work for a provider that is participating in the Jail Collaborative application or those who have been identified as internal users for the Jail, Courts, Probation or DHS.

User Guides

PDF Icon Jail Collaborative Application User Guide for internal (Allegheny County) staff 
PDF Icon Jail Collaborative Application User Guide for external (Provider) staff