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Health Care for Immigrants and Internationals

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pdf.gif Allegheny County Health Department Guide to the Under- and Uninsured
Contains a list of clinics and health centers in Allegheny County that serve people without health insurance or who are minimally insured. Most centers have a sliding fee-scale based on income. Also included is information about prescription assistance, transportation and consumer advocacy resources.

Birmingham Free Clinic
Provides free health care to uninsured Latino patients on Saturdays. Patients with insurance, including Medical Assistance, will be referred to community health centers. No appointments are needed, but staff may limit the number of patients accepted depending upon patient volume. Basic primary care, blood pressure and blood glucose screening, smoking cessation, physicals for jobs, housing, driver’s licenses are provided. Mental health assessment and counseling by appointment only for existing patients.

The Birth Circle
Serves residents of Pittsburgh’s East End to address the needs of childbearing families by providing accurate, non-judgmental information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting. The Birth Circle provides labor support and childbirth information. The Birth Circle’s Doula services and childbirth education are provided within their physician offices at low cost to women. Spanish-speakers are welcome.

7171 Churchland Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Consumer Health Coalition
Provides outreach and enrollment assistance in applying for publically-funded health insurance programs such as Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Assistance is also provided to locate financial resources to pay for uncovered medical expenses. CHC has staff members that speak Spanish. CHC is also a healthcare advocacy organization.
Helpline at 412-456-1877

Free Health and Dental Care Center at Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh
Provides primary health care at no charge to those who are unable to afford adequate health insurance or are otherwise in need – regardless of race, gender or religion. Services include most health, vision and dental care. 

Servicios de Salud Mental Para Hispano-Hablantes (Mental Health Services for Spanish-Speakers)
Duquesne University has opened a new out-patient mental health clinic for persons who are Spanish speakers.The clinic is free and requires no insurance or personal documentation. There is no limit to the number of sessions a person can have. Family members are welcome. It does not have drug and alcohol services. More information in English  

NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program
A free 12-week course for family caregivers of individuals with severe mental illnesses that discusses the clinical treatment of these illnesses and teaches the knowledge and skills that family members need to cope more effectively.
NAMI De Familia a Familia, Contact Alby 412-244-3142 or Jorge 412-788-4582.

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
PAAR offers Spanish language counseling for victims of sexual violence. Additional services offered in Spanish include preventative education and mental health counseling for both adults and children. Offices are on the South Side at 81 S. 19th Street.

Teresa Otoya-McAdams
Phone: 412-431-5665
Fax: 412-431-0913

Psychology Clinic at Duquesne University
Services are available to adults, adolescents, and school-age children in the Pittsburgh Community. Doctoral students in Duquesne University's clinical psychology program provide all services. Licensed clinical faculty members and selected licensed adjunct faculty psychologists in the community are involved in the supervision of all doctoral students. Services are provided with exceptional respect for confidentiality and individuality, and in a comfortable, pleasant setting. We provide individual, couples, marriage and family counseling and psychotherapy.

Spanish Clinic: Salud Para Ninos (Health for the Children)
Provides culturally and linguistically competent primary care for children and families in a bi-lingual setting, complemented with activities oriented toward prevention and toward empowering the community about its own health. 
Salud Para Niños (En Español)
Salud Para Niños (Em Português)

Squirrel Hill Health Center 
Provides the highest quality comprehensive primary healthcare to everyone in the community, regardless of their income level or insurance status, with a special concern for religious beliefs, ethnic and cultural background, primary language, age, sex, and disability status. Multi-lingual staff provides services including: primary and preventive medical care, mental and behavioral health services, and case management. Services in Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, and American Sign Language are currently available at SHHC. In the event that a translator is not available, SHHC will use an interpretation service by phone.

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